6 Lessons You Can Learn From Dealing With a Bad Boss

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6 Lessons You Can Learn From Dealing With a Bad Boss

6 Lessons You Can Learn From Dealing With a Bad BossDealing with a bad boss can be hard, but like with any situations there are lessons to be learned even though you are in a bad situation. We have all had situations in which we have not worked in an ideal work environment. We have all had situations in which we have worked under a boss that we do not get along with or one that gets under our skin.  But for these situations, since we are in a professional work environment we can never just lose our cool.  Not unless we want to loose our jobs.  Working under a hostile boss does test your character but it also refines your character.

There are several scenarios that can occur when you are working under a crazy boss. The crazy boss can irritate you so much that you want to leave.  But you need to evaluate if leaving is the ideal situation for you.  Sometimes we get placed in a job that we can learn from. If you have ever read the book or seen the movie, the Devil Wears Prada.  This is a perfect example of being at that job that can teach you and lead to other opportunities.  Yes the boss was crazy but the reward of working for a crazy boss, is invaluable.

In counseling field, we have something called reframing. It is where you take a negative situation and try to see the good in it.

So here are 6 Lessons You Can Learn Dealing With a Bad Boss


When dealing with a bad boss you should never let a them run you out of a job if the job is good for you professionally. Leaving a job on whim because you do not like your boss can cause you to find any job.  And the ANY job can turn out to be a job that you will hate.  Therefore, no matter how bad your boss is.  When you are dealing with a bad boss you must practice patience.  Do not let anyone kick you out of your job before it is your time to go.  Learn what you need to learn and leave on your own terms, once you get the skills that you need.

6 Lessons You Can Learn From Dealing With a Bad BossHumility:

More often than not, the root of a bad boss is that they think that because they are your boss that, this makes them a better person than you. They confuse a supervisory position, as a birth right.  They see themselves as a king or a queen and you as a peasant.  The key to dealing with a bad boss is to not get mad but get humble.  When you move up in your career it is a large possibility that you will be someone’s boss.  And when you do, you need to remember the way you were treated by a bad boss.  That way, when you move up you do not think bad boss made you feel.


It is only natural that when you are confronted with crazy that you would want to retaliate with crazy. But even if your boss is crazy and you retaliate with craziness, the only thing that is going to happen is that you are going to be out of a job.  Unfortunately, supervisors have the last say.  And when push comes to shove, if you react the same way they react, you are going to be seen as being in the wrong and not them.  It is called insubordination.  So working under a bad boss teaches you self-control.  It teaches you that you cannot operate off your emotions and that you must control your tongue if you want to keep your job.  I am not saying that you have to be anyone’s slave and let them talk to you any kind of way.  What I am saying is learn not to repay evil for evil and crazy for crazy.  Sometimes you just have to be the bigger person.  If your boss does not know how to act, then lead by example and show them what real class is.


Remember when I told you that you needed to learn self-control. Self-control does not mean that you are someone’s puppet and that you can never speak up for yourself.  You can speak up for yourself in an articulate manner.  The difference between articulation and self-control is that self-control is being able to control yourself enough so that you do not fly off the handle.  Articulation means that you are able to communicate with your bad boss in a way that gets your point across in a professional way.  If a crazy boss says something rude to you, you cursing them out is the wrong way to articulate.  But you telling them that you prefer they speak to you in a respectful tone that is consistence with a professional work environment, is articulation.  The cursing out the bad boss will get you fired, the articulation will show your class.6 Lessons You Can Learn From Dealing With a Bad Boss

Not to Make a Mountain Out of a Mole Hill

Many crazy supervisors have a superiority complex. You know the one that makes them think that you are somehow beneath them.  As a result of that complex they may ask you to do a lot of stupid things that you do not want to do or that is not in your job description.  They may even make a big deal over nothing.  This is when you have to pick and choose your battles.  Sometimes it is just best to nod your head and say “okay” and do what they ask of you,  as oppose to arguing over everything little thing.  In life we all have to do things that we do not want to do.  Sometimes we just have to give in and be the bigger person.  Show them that you are not going to sit and argue with them over something that is really not that serious.  It will save you a headache the long run.

Repay Evil with Kindness

The biggest way to get back at a bad boss is to be nice to them. I know it may be hard, but being nice to someone who has an issue with you is for you and not them.  It is a way to point out your professionalism and show them that their little attitude is not phasing you, and you are going to choose to be happy despite whatever is wrong with them.  The only person that can affect your mood is you.  If you allow your crazy boss to jack up your day, then they have won.  You always want to keep your character in check.  You never know who is watching and perhaps being kind to a crazy boss will put you in line for a promotion.

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6 Lessons You Can Learn From Dealing With a Bad Boss



  1. I can’t stand crazy bosses or crazy people in general. I’ve had my share of crazy bosses and developing these skills was key in surviving. Very well said my friend.

  2. Crazy is crazy makes it worse when they are your boss. Repaying with kindness isn’t what always comes first to my mind, it is the best option.

  3. These are some great tips! You can actually apply them to all sorts of situations. Crazy is everywhere haha.

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