6 Things To Think About Before Quitting a Job You Hate

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6 Things To Think About Before Quitting a Job You Hate

Are you thinking about quitting a job you hate, because you feel stuck and it causes you so much frustration that you just wanted to walk out right on the spot? Before you do that, I want to tell you thins. Do not act off of your impulse but rather quitting a job that you hate requires a lot of thought.  Before you walk off, I want you to consider these 6 things before quitting a job you hate. 6 Things To Think About Before Quitting a Job You Hate

It may push you into something you hate.

I know when you are stuck in a bad job you are willing to take anything just to get out of where you are. That is the worst thing that you can do.  If you act off on impulse and take the next thing that comes around, then you more than likely will end up in another job that you hate.  Instead, when you are applying for a new job do not let the fact that you hate your old job guide your decision.  Only apply and take a new job that you feel is a good fit for you.  Do not just impulsively jump into another job without doing your research on new company that you are going to.

Think Of your Resume.

If you are stuck in a bad job. Then try to at least stay there for a year.  When you are sending out your resume, it looks really bad for you to job hop after only a few weeks or a few months.  Because you knew company is more than likely looking for someone they can keep on for the long term.  So if you have a history of job hopping after only a few weeks or month you are less likely to get chosen for a new job.

Think about if your job is helping you or hurting you.

There are some jobs that you can hate, but even in the midst of you hating you can still get a lot of experiences from them. So before you leave a job that you hate, think about the long term.  If you are in a job that if you stay there for a year you can get promoted to a position that you really want to be in.  You can suck it up in your current position, knowing that your current position is not where you will be forever.

It is you.

If you find yourself hating almost every job that you are in. Then you may need to reflect on the fact that the issue is you and not the other people around you.  That means that no matter what job you are in, you are always going to have a problem because you are the problem.  In this case you need to change yourself and once you do that, the job may not seem so bad. 6 Things To Think About Before Quitting a Job You Hate

Refine Your Character

You can read my blog on what I learned from Crazy Bosses (here). But in every single case that I was in a job that I hated, it was able to make me a better person.  It helped me learn to control my tongue and not talk back to people.  It help me learn to control my temper.  It helped me not to be controlled by my emotions.  One of the hardest things that you can do on a job that you hate, is to come into work every day, work hard, and put a smile on your face even though you feel like crying.  It teaches you self-control.  It teaches you not to be led by your emotions.  At the end of the day, we are always going to get into things that we do not like, but if you can master not letting those things control how you feel, then you can master a lot.

Don’t Start Drama

It is tempting that when we are stuck in a job that we do not like, that we want to raise hell about it. We want to talk about other people, complain about the job, and do everything in our power to let everyone know that we do not like working here.  Creating more drama will just make the situation worse.  Creating drama for other people will only create drama for yourself, which will make your job an even more unbearable place to work at.  Sometimes it is best to just keep your complaining and your drama to yourself, and do not bring it out in the work place.

When you are thinking about quitting a job you hate. There is a right way to handle yourself and a wrong way.  Even if you hate your job no one should know. Do not go around complaining talking about how you want to leave.  Always remain positive because you never know who is watching and you never know when your new job will want a reference from your old job. And the last thing you want is to be known as the person who complained all the time. Do your job, be positive, and when it is time for you to quit you will quit.

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6 Things To Think About Before Quitting a Job You Hate


  1. I remember your post about crazy bosses. Line up your options and how you will get by before quoting any job

  2. You really wrote this out well. You have to think about whether it’s a short term bridge to something better or it’s a dead end road. It’s scary though!

  3. I have been there where you want something new so bad you end up making a lateral move (either pay or happiness wise) It’s important that as long as you are in a safe environment and aren’t being harassed that you make careful choices. Job hopping looks bad.

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