How To Deal With Crazy People On the Job. To Include Co-workers and Supervisors

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To first learn how to deal with a crazy person at work, I must first start off by what my definition of a crazy person is:4850857_l

Crazy Person:

A person who is comes for you when you do not send for them. Or in lames terms, a person who is jealous, insecure, aggressive, and combative toward you for no reason what so ever.

The behavior of a crazy person can come in the form of:

  • Talking behind your back
  • Trying to get you fired.
  • Lying about you to other people.
  • Telling you off.
  • Being rude to you.
  • Overly micromanaging
  • Making threats or being disrespectful toward you.

Someone who makes you want to walk out of your job and never come back.

Now that we have gotten that definition out of the way, we can go forward with how to deal with a crazy person on the job. Unfortunately, crazy people have sent in their resume and started masquerading around us sane people on the job.  As a result they make our lives a living hell. Since we have to come to work, we have to learn to deal with them.

The first step is acceptance and understanding.

Accept that the person is crazy. Accept that their craziness has really has nothing to do with you.  It is a result of their own insecurities, something bad that may have happened in their childhood, or something that has gone on in their personal life.  The sooner that you understand and accept that their crazy is not a reflection of you, the better off you will be.

The second step is do your job.

With crazy people at work, they are always looking for a way to undermine you and make you look like a bad employee. The best way to prevent that is to be a good employee.  This means do your job, meet your deadlines, be positive, and have a good work ethic.  Even though the crazy person may still try to paint you into being a bad employee, others will see what a good worker you are and it will be harder for the crazy person to paint you in a bad light.

The third step is to not stoop down to their level.

43847259 - angry businesswoman shouting on phone in officeIt is very important that just because the other person is crazy, that you do not step into their crazy world with them. It is tempting to want to get back at someone who has done something to you or to tell them where they can shove all of their craziness.  Doing this means that there will be two crazy people on the job as oppose to one.  So do not let them ruin your character. Always treat them in a kind, respectful, and workplace appropriate behavior.  That does not mean you have to be friends with them, it just means that you must display a high level of professionalism toward them and leave them looking crazy by themselves.

The fourth step is to ignore them.

I have had plenty of crazy supervisors and coworkers. And I chose to ignore their psychotic behavior.  Do not be rude.  Meaning that you can come in say hello and smile.  But if you do not have to be around them, then don’t.  If they say something crazy to you then ignore it.  It is possible that the crazy person just wants to get a rise out of you with their crazy.  That is why it is important to not let them get a rise out of you.  Even if you are boiling on the inside never let them know it and always respond in a calm demeanor.  Allowing them to look crazy and you still looking sane.

The fifth step is to not be argumentative.

Most crazy people want to argue with you. They want to prove their point and want you to see things their way, even if they are wrong.  Do not go back and forth with a crazy person.  They are crazy and the argument can go on for an eternity.  Instead, state your point once, give an explanation and walk away leave them arguing with themselves.

The sixth step is put things in writing.

Since a crazy co-worker or supervisors sole purpose is to jack up your day or to get you in trouble. Always follow up important conversation in emails.  This way the crazy person cannot come back and twist your words around.  You will have proof in writing what you talked about in case they try to use a conversation against you.

In case none of these things work with your work place crazy person you can always:

Speak to the person directly about their behavior. But please note that with crazy people, they will rarely see what they are doing wrong.  And you talking to one another may result in an argument.  If this occurs, then refer back to step 5 and step 6.

Talk to your supervisor or HR person. If your crazy co-worker is so out of control it may be good to get someone else involved.  If it is your supervisor that is crazy then talk to the HR person.  It is important to have these things documented.  Your supervisor or HR person may try to mediate the situation.  If it is your supervisor that is crazy doing things like writing you up for no reason and you fear it may lead to your termination; then speak to an HR person about what is going on to prevent being fired due to the crazy persons actions.

If you are in the United State there is a program ( that can protect you, especially against a supervisor.  If someone is making threats toward you or behaving unethically toward you at the workplace, you can file a complaint.  Know that when you file a complaint, you are protected.  Meaning that you cannot get fired or retaliated against for filing a complaint.


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11 Comments on How To Deal With Crazy People On the Job. To Include Co-workers and Supervisors

  1. This is a great read. Sometimes the best thing to do is just ignore them!

  2. It’s so hard not to let them get under your skin, but your advice is sound. I think it’s super smart to document everything too.

  3. You have said everything we all have wanted to say about people like this. Always make sure everything is in writing.

  4. I’m just glad I’m not the crazy person on the job!!! 😉 Great read!

  5. Michelle Rogers, CPT // July 6, 2016 at 9:49 pm // Reply

    The crazies are the worst! We’ve all been there…

  6. Haha. Put it in writing. Every time. 🙂

  7. Unfortunately, I’ve had to deal with so many crazy people, that as soon as a new one shows up, I start the documentation. I wish common sense was still common.

  8. Great info! I’ve had a crazy co-worker a time or two. Normally things work themselves out. But these are great steps to follow if they don’t!

  9. There was a guy at my job that I could’t stand. Saying he was crazy would be putting it kindly.It seems like every job has at least one psycho/crazy and these are great tips on how to deal with them!

  10. Angie@chasingmyhalo // July 7, 2016 at 4:07 pm // Reply

    Oh man, this post can be used in so many areas of life! There is some really good advice in there, and the last one is one that people often forget but is very important!

  11. Love this post. I have a crazy girl at my job and half the time I just give her the side eye whenever she comes too close to my desk. Gonna try my best (no promises) to put this into effect!

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