Beauty On A Budget. Affordable Tips for Hair, Makeup, Nails, and Clothes

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Taking care of yourself can be expensive.  Before I had a son I used to blow money on myself, because I had no one else to waste it on.  Once I had him I had to learn beauty on a budget. Gone are the days of spending all day in a salon and spending my money endlessly on beauty treatments. Being a single mom meant that I had less money to spend on myself and less time to make myself beautiful.  The irony of all this, is that since I have learned my own beauty on a budget secrets, I feel that I look better than I every have.

Beauty is not everything but as someone who has put effort into their appearance and looked a hot mess, me looking my best makes me feel my best (see my blog here). Before we get started, do not get intimated by now thinking you can do all of this on your own.  I learn my beauty tips on my own and if I can do it you can do it.

Great places to get inspiration for makeup, nails, and hair tutorials are:

  • Youtube
  • Beauty blogs
  • Instagram
  • Or just watching your regular stylist or nail tech and imitating their process.
  • Pinterest

 Here are my top beauty on a budget tips.

Tip 1: Your hair

A quick way to save money on your hair is to  learn how to do it yourself.  After all those hours spent in the beauty salon I quickly picked up their technique.  I can do a roller set on my own head with the best of them. My new favorite thing is wearing wigs and weaves.  I used to hate them but now I love them.  It would normally take me 30 minutes to do my hair and now it takes me 2 minutes by just putting a wig on my head.  And it allows me to change my hair color and length without cutting my own hair.  Gone are the days of spending a lot of money on wigs.  You can get a good wig for under $25 and it will look just as great as a human hair wig. But no matter if I am wearing my natural hair or fake hair, I learned to do it myself which is a big money saver, and you do your hair the way you want to do it.

Beauty On A Budget.  Affordable Tips for Hair, Makeup, Nails, and Clothes

Here are some of my favorite wigs that are affordable:

Curly Blue Wig! Zury Sis Wig Review (Nana- Indigo Blue)

Cheap Human Hair! A Review on Saga Remy Human Hair, $20 per pack!

Shoulder Length And Bob Affordable Wig Look Book

Battle of the Short Wigs Part 2: Wig Reviews On Freetress Wig Celia Vs. Model Model Wig Yuli.

Affordable Wig Look Book. Colored Wigs For Under $50!

Tip 2: Your make up

Do not fool yourself into thinking that you need to go to Sephora and Ulta and spend a whole lot of money on make up.  Drug store make up works just fine and it is no where near the price as high in make up.  You could even go to the Dollar Tree and actually get some name brand make up for a dollar.  I actually buy more affordable make up then I do really expensive make up and I always get compliments on the way I get my make up. Check out my blog on affordable make up must haves for beginners.

Beauty On A Budget.  Affordable Tips for Hair, Makeup, Nails, and Clothes


Tip 3: Nails

I use to get the acrylic nails and had the brightest more extravagant designs on them.  I used to have the matching toe designs as well.  I also used to spend a lot of money on them as well. But you do not have to spend hours in the shop or spend a lot of money in the shop to make sure that your nails look good.  Fake nails can work wonders.  They even sell them at the drug stores and it literally takes little to no effort to learn how to apply them.  Click here to learn how to apply fake nails. The deigns can look just as good as the salon for a whole lot less.

Beauty On A Budget.  Affordable Tips for Hair, Makeup, Nails, and Clothes


Tip 4: Eyebrows

I used to get my eyebrows waxed all the time.  So much so that my eye brow technician perfected the art of making my eye brows look perfect, despite the fact that I have thin short eyebrows.  With that, if I can perfect my eyebrow routine with think to hardly no eyebrows.  I know for a fact you can perfect your routine too. Because there are  so many options for your eyebrows (click here to see my post on how to do your eyebrows).  The reality of the situation is that you can literally get stencils for your brows which are an error proof way to do your brows and it only cost a few bucks. There is no way that you can mess it up with a stencil.

Tip 5: Your clothing

Cannot afford high quality brands?  Guess what, me neither. I am too cheap to buy it.  I can remember when I first heard of the thrift store, I was in shock.  You actually wanted me to go and buy clothing that someone else has already worn! But now it is my favorite place to shop.  You can literally find high fashion name brand BARELY USED clothing for very cheap.  Keep in mind that not all thrift stores are created equal.  You have to go online and read reviews for quality thrift stores or even consignment shops.  But once you find a good one, you can find a barely used skirt that normally cost over $100 for like $5 or less. Take the below jacket, it was literally marked down from $7 to two dollars, and it is one of my favorite blazers to wear, it was barely worn and look practically new.

Beauty On A Budget.  Affordable Tips for Hair, Makeup, Nails, and Clothes

If you do not have the money or the time to look run way ready.  It okay, you don’t need it.  As long as you have two hands.  You can achieve the best version of yourself on your own. Beauty on a budget is not hard and I would love to hear other people’s ideas on how you find your own beauty on a budget.

Beauty On A Budget.  Affordable Tips for Hair, Makeup, Nails, and Clothes

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  1. Great post. Very inspiring. I can totally relate tot his post as before I had my child I had all the time and resources to get things done and outsource them. The trouble now is lack of time. My husband has a travelling job so sometimes even if i want to take care of myself and it gets hard. Phew!!!

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