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5 Tips On How To Look Your Best On A Budget.

Taking care of yourself can be expensive.  Before I had my son I use to get a blow outs from the Dominican salon every two weeks, my nails done every two weeks, and an eyebrow wax every two weeks.  All of the money I had, could be spent on myself and I had time to do it.

But flash forward, I am a mother now.  Gone are the days of spending all day in a salon and spending my money endlessly on beauty treatments. I will admit that after I become a mother I went through my “ I look at hot mess” phase.  That is where you are so busy taking care of your child that everything about your appearance looks neglected.  My hair, my make up, and you better be lucky if my clothes matched.

I think everyone has the freedom to look how they want.  But I will have to admit that when you look good, you feel a whole lot better (see my blog here).  I have walked around looking great and felt great and I have walked around looking a mess and felt a mess. Since I no longer had the time or money to do beauty treatments.  The only alternatives was to learn how to do it myself.

Tip 1: Your hair1520695_1283685174981344_8950675856779978492_n 11898635_1156630131020183_5008752242035200465_n

After all those hours spent in the beauty salon I quickly picked up their technique.  I can do a roller set on my own head with the best of them.  I have experimented with weaves as well, I can change my hair’s color and length without messing with my own hair.  You can learn to do your own hair and make it look as good as a beautician.  It is going to take some practice, but it can be done.

Tip 2: Your make up

Some women get so iffy about make up.  You do not have to cake on the make up so much that you look like someone else, there are various types of ways to do your make up.  From the natural look to the “I have on a whole bunch of makeup that you won’t be able to recognize me if I take it off” look.  You just have to experiment with what you like. FYI I have done both looks.  No judgment here.

12006267_1180356195314243_6204974217902960186_n 12193332_1195632067119989_1236304207662867062_n

Tip 3: Nails

I use to get the acrylic nails and had the brightest more extravagant designs on them.  I used to have the matching toe designs as well.  Now I prefer a more natural look.  No matter how you want your nails you can still do them on your own.  They have full acrylic sets or gel sets that you can buy from the store and do them from comfort of your own home.  Of course learning this technique is going to take a lot more practice, but it can be achieved.  For an easier look, my suggestion are nail stickers.  You would be surprised at how good they look.  They are easy to apply and you can change them fairly often with little to do effort.

Great places to get inspiration for makeup, nails, and hair tutorials are:

  • Youtube
  • Beauty blogs
  • Instagram
  • Or just watching your regular stylist or nail tech and imitating their process.
  • Pinterest

Tip 4: Eyebrows

I used to get my eyebrows waxed all the time.  So much so that my eye brow technician perfected the art of making my eye brows look perfect, despite the fact that I have thin short eyebrows.  You can check out my post here on tips about doing your eyebrows.  They are one of those things were you can have them thick, thin, or natural.  To wax, pluck, or to tweeze.  So many options for your face.  I used to pay $12 to get my eyebrows done every two weeks AND wait in line for hours for my turn.  It seems a little over the top now, for some eyebrows, especially now that I do them on my own.

Tip 5: Your clothing10805678_985827391433792_6477429561329386289_n 11295664_1100451483304715_651743856952720350_n

Cannot afford DVF or all of the high quality brands?  Guess what, me neither. I am too cheap to buy it.  I can remember when I first heard of the thrift store, I was in shock.  You actually wanted me to go and buy clothing that someone else has already worn! But now it is my favorite place to shop.  You can literally find high fashion name brand BARELY USED clothing for very cheap.  Keep in mind that not all thrift stores are created equal.  You have to go online and read reviews for quality thrift stores or even consignment shops.  But once you find a good one, you can find a barely used skirt that normally cost over $100 for like $5. Talk about a bargain.

If you do not have the money or the time to look run way ready.  It okay, you don’t need it.  As long as you have two hands.  You can achieve the best version of yourself on your own.

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I am a single mother of one, Christian, and Lover of Life. I have a Master's degree in marriage and family therapy, I am a National Certified Counselor, and I am currently a PhD candidate in Human Behavior. I love motivating others and encouraging all women to be beautiful from the inside and out. To get in contact with me, you can email me at

2 Comments on 5 Tips On How To Look Your Best On A Budget.

  1. Great post. Very inspiring. I can totally relate tot his post as before I had my child I had all the time and resources to get things done and outsource them. The trouble now is lack of time. My husband has a travelling job so sometimes even if i want to take care of myself and it gets hard. Phew!!!


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