Must Have Makeup Items For Beginners. Learn How To Beat Your Face To The Gods.

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If you are starting out with makeup, want to learn how to do make up, or you may not know where to start; but you still want that “I slayed my face to the gods” look. I can help.

No matter if, you are starting out or you want to step up your makeup game, I have the must have AFFORDABLE drug store brand products, needed to slay your face. Even if you do not own an ounce of makeup, getting these products are enough to give you a full face of glam, that will last you awhile, and they won’t break the bank.

Be for you get started

The first thing you are going to need is brushes. Brushes will help you apply your blush, your eyeshadow, your powder foundation, and contouring.  My suggestion to you for a brush set is the Bh cosmetics 10 Piece Sculpt + Blend 2 Brush Set for $20.  This set will help you as a beginner and beyond for when you want to experiments with other looks. (click here to buy)



To apply your foundation you are going to want to use a sponge. The beauty blender has become a very popular applicator but the original one can cost close to $30.  Lucky for you I found the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Beauty Blender for only $6.99.  It does help if you dampen (NOT SOAK) the beauty blender beforehand.  Doing this will help your foundation absorb into your skin and look more natural. (click here to buy).





The base of your Face

Now that you have all of your brushes, you want to start by priming your face with Maybelline Face Studio Master Prime Blur + Illuminate Primer for $6.99. You will apply the primer on your face like lotion but do not use too much.  The point of the primer is to make your make up last longer and to make the makeup appear flawless on your skin. (click here to buy)


Next use, Urban Decay Original Eyeshadow Primer Potion (12.99) for your eyes. Just apply them on your eyelids and it has the same concept as the face primer.  It will make you shadow more vibrant, last longer, and prevent your eyeshadow from creasing.



Next, you want to apply your liquid foundation using Revlon ColorStay Makeup for Normal/Dry Skin SPF 15 ($12.99). This foundation has a wide range of colors for everyone, not matter what color you are.  Use your damp beauty blender to pat on the foundation, avoiding your eyelids.


To set your foundation you are going to want to put powder foundation over the liquid foundation. Use

L’Oreal True Match Naturale Powdered Mineral Foundation SPF ($13.99). This foundation also comes in a wide range of colors, and use your foundation brush to apply the foundation.


Your Eyes

Now you are ready to begin slaying your face. I like to start from the top of the face to the bottom.

First start with your brows. Although it is not really a part of your eyes, they are close enough to your eyes that I am putting them in this section. (Click my blog here to see a tutorial on how to arch your brows).  Use the Soap & Glory Arch Brow Gel for $9.99, to sleek down your brows and darken them a bit. (click here to buy).


Now on to eyeshadow. The Maybelline the Nudes Wear Eyeshadow Palette for $9.99 is a great option for beginners. It has many colors that are good for any skin tone.  You can create both a day and night look with it.  I suggest experimenting or looking up tutorials to see how you want to use the colors. (Click here to buy).


If you want to slay, liquid eyeliner is a must. It just is. Get this Volumizing Mascara and Liquid Eyeliner Set $5.99 to line your eyes and apply the mascara.


This step is optional. If you want to go all out, then apply NYX Wicked False Lashes $6.  These eyelashes are  They really are. You are also going to use lash glue to apply them to your eyelids and an eyelash curler ($.4.99) after they are applied to curl them.  Re-apply mascara as well.



Finishing touches

Highlighting and contouring your face is in. You do not have to be an expert to do this. The Maybelline Face Studio Master Contour & Highlight V-Shape Duo Stick( $8.99) is a simple way to go.  I have included a diagram on where to highlight and contour.


Next, go to the highlighter. If you have not notice, highlighting the sides of your face has been popular. Use this e.l.f. Cosmetics Baked Highlighter $4.00, to highlight the upper area of your cheeks.


And on the hollows of your cheeks you can apply blush. I love blush even as a darker skin female.  I feel that it can work for anyone if you know the right shade to use..  Which is why I recommend Makeup Revolution Blush Palette for $10 it gives you the options of trying various color blushes.  (Click here to buy)



Apply Kat Von D Everlasting Mini Liquid Lipstick Set for $49 I know that Kat Von D is not drug store and on the surface, these lip colors may seem expensive. BUT you get 8 lip colors so that is a little over $9 per lip color.  Besides, look at these lip colors THO! They are amazing.  In addition, since they are so many you can change up the color depending on the day.


All right. I am confident that I have prepared you to go out in the world and slay.  So go on and do just that.  In addition, remember with makeup practice makes perfect.

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