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Arching Your Eyebrows 101. Everything You Need To Know To Get The Perfect Brow

Eyebrows can be one of those things that can enhance your face or can make your face look like an epic fail.  Some people take their eyebrows seriously and some people just let them grow all over their face.  It is up to you how you want to wear your eyebrows.  If you want a unibrow and you are completely and utterly happy with it, then my all means do you (no judgment here). eyebrow_shapes2

But if you want to arch or shape your brows and do not know how then you have come to the right place. When it comes to eyebrows you have several options. Get them done professionally or do them yourself.   If you decide to do them yourself, your second question is do you use a tweezers, razor, or wax?  Do you know what eyebrow shape is right for you or are you trying to imitate someone else’s eyebrows and then get mad when your eyebrows come out nothing looking like theirs?

Let’s start with answering some basic questions about eyebrows.  If you are wondering about the right eye brow shape for your face then you can check out the chart to get an idea of what type of eyebrow shape you should be aiming for.  Eyebrows are not a one size fit all formula.  One eyebrow may look good on someone else and then terrible on you.  So knowing the shape for your face is essential.


How-to-Get-Perfectly-Shaped-EyebrowsWhen I first started doing my eyebrows I was really confused.  I did not know where the arch was supposed to go and just took to guessing.  This lead to a lot of days with my eyebrows looking crazy and me waiting for them to grow back so I can give it another go. However, I learned that there is an easy go to way to figure out where you eyebrow is supposed to begin, where it is supposed to end, and where the arch is supposed to be.  The beginning of your eyebrow s10540437_720244588041007_894297319_nhould start if you measure from the inside of your nose to the inner corner of your eye.  The arch of your brow should be diagonal and go straight through your pupil of your eye measuring from your nose to your eyebrow.  And the end of your eyebrow should measure from your nose to the end of your eye in a diagonal shape.  I know that all this wording can be confusing.  Check out the chart so that you can get a better idea.  When measuring you need something with a straight age like a ruler for accuracy.

If measuring does not work for you, there is are stencils that you can use that will give you a different brow shape.  A wonderful eye brow kit that I recommend that has stencil, razors, scissors, eye pencil, and tweezers is this I-Envy Kiss Eyebrow KPEK02_new_bannerKit.  It has everything you need for a perfect brow.  A disclaimer about the stencils that I discovered are that my eyebrows are short and not thick at all.  Therefore if you want your brow to look like the stencil then you are going to have to fill it in with a pencil or brow powder.

No matter if you use a stencil or just choose to fill in your brows here is a simple way to do it.  First make sure you brows are combed in the same direction.  Line the bottom of your eyebrow with a pencil as well as the outer corner.  And then lightly fill in the brows to get the desired shape. 10411234_532244293548352_5891183226181544810_n

Some common mistakes are overly coloring your brow.  Which will make it look dark and unnatural.  Or using a pencil that is not similar to your brow color. A good brow kit that can assist in coloring in your brow is the BH Cosmetic brow kit.  It comes in various colors that which match your brow.  It comes with power to fill in the brow, gel to lay down your eyebrows (my eyebrows curl up so this is useful for me), and a brush to line your brows, and brow liner. 

Another common mistakes is a misplacement of the arch

or not arching the brows correctly.

Now to answer the question of what do you use to shape your brows?

  • Razor- It is easy to shape your brows using a razor and a lot quicker.  But the results will not last as long as your hair will grow back pretty fast.
  • Tweezers- This method takes longer because you have to pluck each of the individual hairs. The result last longer since you are plucking from the root and using this method you will get more precision. This method is painful if you are not use to it.
  • Wax- This method is painful as well. But it is a quick pain since it removes the hair in a few snatches.  The results last longer since you are pulling your hair up from the root.  You will have to go back in and use tweezers to get the stray hairs that the wax mixed.
  • Stringing- You can get this done at the mall. It still hurts because you are pulling out your hair.  Unless you know what you are doing, this can be hard to do.  The results last longer and it can still be precise in grabbing the hair when you use this method.

I have a video on me doing my eyebrows using a brow kit.  As you will see I have thin brows and often have to fill them in.  I also prefer a looking natural brow.  But this is an idea to get you to understand the basic principal or arching your brows.

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