The Best Long Drawstring Ponytail For only $12

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The Best Long Drawstring Ponytail For only $12

I was on the hunt for a long drawstring ponytail every since I saw a few people online slaying with them on.  I have a thing for ponytails.

The Best Long Drawstring Ponytail For only $12

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To be honest, the styles I saw on other people are probably not drawstring ponytail and these people probably got their stylist to their hair.  But who has the time and the money for all of that.  And even if you do have the time and money, you can just save it by getting this long drawstring ponytail for only $12. And it will give you the same effect.

The Long Ponytail Trend

The Best Long Drawstring Ponytail For only $12


Long Drawstring Ponytail ~ Review (Contains Affiliate Links)

This long drawstring ponytail is the Vivica Fox New Futura Synthetic Fiber Hair Collection (click to buy).  The total price of the hair is $12.50 and this is a long drawstring ponytail measuring 28 inches.  The color that I got was 1b.  The only grip that I have about the hair color is that the 1b appeared to be more of a jet black color.  Typically 1b hair color is supposed to be more of a natural black hair color that should match your hair tone. In retrospect I probably would have gotten the color 2 and it probably would have matched my hair color better.

The best thing that I love about this hair is the length of the hair. I love fact that it is super long for such an affordable price.  The second thing I love about this hair is the texture.  The texture is a yaki texture. Some yaki textures can go so wrong by feeling rough and then you have this yaki texture, which is still very soft.  The bonus of this yaki texture hair is that it looks like a real hair texture and it is not too straight or shiny, making it look less fake.

Long Drawstring Ponytail Styling Tips

Since I have natural hair like 4b/4c this can be a drawstring ponytail for natural hair.  Since it has a yaki texture it has the ability to blend it with natural hair if done right. The first thing you want to do is blow out or straighten your hair.  You can check out my blog here for the heat brush.  Even though my hair was not bone straight using this brush for this style you do not need it to be bone straight, so a blow out texture will do. I used this (click here) straighter to straighten my hair this time.  And it only took about one or two passes for this to get my hair straight for this style.

The Best Long Drawstring Ponytail For only $12


The next this I did was put it into a high bun and then used some products to sleek down my hair.  The products I used were literally gel types products and then I tied a satin scarf around it and let it lie over night to ensure that the hair remained laid through out the day. One of the products I used was Gorilla snot, which you cannot use to much of this because it will make your hair hard.  Also, put oil on your hair before hand to ensure your hair does not get hard and flaky. In the morning I lightly, sprayed the Got 2be Glued spray. Notice I said light because this stuff is really hard and can make your hair hard if you use too much.  Then I just applied the long drawstring ponytail it was that simple.

Here are all the products I used to sleek down my hair


I do plan on styling this ponytail in different ways but as for now this is a quick, easy, and affordable go to style.

Other make Up Products That I have On This Photo Include:

The Best Long Drawstring Ponytail For only $12


Eyeshadow: BH Cosmetics Pride Prejudice Zombie Palette

Lip Color: NYX VINTAGE – PLUM. From the NYX Vault Suede Collection which was in my NYX Makeup Must Haves

Blush: Fenty Beauty By Rihana  Ginger Binge/ Moscow Mule

Highlight: Artist Couture: Diamond Glow Powder in ILLUMINATI

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You can also check out my video on the fishtail braid for other ponytail styles. Granted this is not a drawstring ponytail but I am confident you can use the same tutorial for your drawstring ponytail.

The Best Long Drawstring Ponytail For only $12