Benefits of Marriage 5 Ways Getting Married Can Better Your Life.

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Benefits of Marriage 5 Ways Getting Married Can Better Your Life.

Although being single can be good. Marriage can be just as great, especially to the right person.  Do not let people tell you marriage is a piece of paper.  There are benefits of marriage. I hold the belief that people should get married.  Provided that they are mentally ready to do so.  However, society would have you thinking different.  And more people are settling into live in relationship over getting married.  So why don’t we discuss

The Benefits of Marriage Shall WeBenefits of Marriage 5 Ways Getting Married Can Better Your Life.

  1. Regular Sex.  Yes, I’m starting with this one.  Although as a single person you can have sex with as many people as you want.  But you are also putting yourself at risk.  With all these STD’s going around.  It would behoove you to want to be with one person.  A person that you love and is STD free.  Having sex with everyone, is not the art of making love.  Being with everyone you miss out on what true intimacy is.  Being married, you have regular sex, with a person you love, that is clean.  Being single means trying to go out and find sex, sometimes having dry spells, and putting yourself at risk for STD’s.  There are some diseases that  not even condoms can protect you from. I personally believe that people we not made for casual hook ups. (See my blog here)
  1. Financial Stability.  It does not take a rocket scientist to realize that two incomes are better than one.  And with two incomes you can have more.  A bigger house, a nicer car, and go on vacations more.  Being married is not all about money.  But it sure does help with the paying of all the bills and knowing that someone has your back financially if need be. Also it is said that men who are married make more money.  This could be that they know they have responsibilities and a family to provide for at home.  Therefore, it sometimes being married can make you want to reach your maximum financial and career potential.
  1. Social Support.  Being married means that you know and make a dedication to this person.  We all have bad days and there are times that we just want to come home and talk or just be held.  Or sometimes we just want to come home to a hot plate of food and not want to cook.  Being Benefits of Marriage 5 Ways Getting Married Can Better Your Life.single does not afford you that.  Sleeping with a lot of people may afford you that, but you will not be getting deep quality connection that you could be getting when you are married.  That is because you are spreading yourself between two many people and it cannot fully give yourself fully to one person.  Even if you just have one person that you are with, they can always just get up and walk away if need be.  A marriage says that they are committed to you for the long term. It says that that person just can’t get up and walk about when things get hard.

4. Build a Legacy.  You do not need to be married to have a child.  But there are so many benefits to the child by growing up in a two parent married household.  They are able to have the same last name and not have split visitation.  Not to mention growing up in two parent household means higher self esteem and the more likely hood that they would do the same and get into healthy relationships themselves. So you are really setting a good example for your children when you get married.

  1. Because God said to.  Do not get it wrong. Some people should not be married.  But the Bible says that it is not good for man to be alone.  Therefore creating woman.  The Bible, it describes marriage as the way Christ loved the church (see my blog here).  When you think about that, what a powerful type of love.

So get married, there are so many benefits to marriage. There is a whole side of marriage that is being missed by some.  Causing them to forgo it.  However, when done properly, it can be most beneficial.


Benefits of Marriage 5 Ways Getting Married Can Better Your Life.

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