The Wait Book Review By Megan Good and DeVon Franklin.

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The Wait is a book that I pre-ordered and could not wait to read.  I am a big fan of both Megan Good and Devon Franklin.  When reading the book I say with much regret that I was a little disappointed.  It is a good book do not get me wrong, but I think that it could have been a whole lot better.  Let’s start with the pros of the book.

  • It gives positive and uplifting advice.
  • It talks about what “The wait” is and how you can embark on it.The wait

The book is good for you if:

  • You are new to your spiritual walk.
  • Are just starting celibacy.
  • Need a renewed strength to keep on your no-sex journey

For some reason I may be in the minority.  I started my celibacy journey quite some time ago due feeling convicted by God.  I could relate to what the book was saying, but it did not really apply to now. I have been through much of what they were talking about.  The book was very advice heavy.  And this not bad, depending on what you like to read.

For me personally I would have like to hear more intimate stories about the couple’s relationship and how hard it was for them to wait for sex.  I mean she is an attractive woman and he is an attractive man so I know there was some temptation.  They spoke about temptation in the book BUT gave the “text book” spiritual answers to it.  I wanted to hear how they actually applied it in real life.

For me, I am celibate but I have not come across anyone that has really tempted me to break it.  Now if I meant my future husband and he was fine, then I may have a little bit more trouble.  That is something that I wished they would have touched more on.  They did give some personal insights of their relationship.  And honestly those were the parts of the book I enjoyed the most.  I like seeing vulnerability, flaws, and how they were able to overcome it.  The book gave only a very small portion of that.  And only on a surface level. I really wanted more in that department.  Giving me that, would have taken this book from 3 stars to 5 stars in my book.

I know for celebrities it is hard to be too vulnerable because people will judge you.  I get it.  But the vulnerabilities are what I respect and I just wish there was more of it.  I think the most shocking thing in the book that I learned about Megan was that she smoked.  That shocked me, but it was not something Earth shaking that I learned from.

All in all, I would say get the book.  Support positive people doing positive things.  I think for most people they will enjoy the advice of the book and what it has to offer.  For some weird reason I am not most people and when I read something, I like for it to all be laid at the table.  I do not enjoy being talked at or preached at in a book.  I can go to church or watch TBN for that.  Tell me something about you, your relationship, and how God helped you that I can apply to myself.  Using your own unique experiences.  And what stumbles and falls did they have on their way to the alter.  That is what I wanted to hear.  But any way, good effort.  I know the book will do well.

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  1. So I read about 8 pages and flipped through book. Im also on celibacy journey and did not connect with the book. Sadly, it did not meet my expectations. I can relate with you on not viewing things as most people do. I too like personal stories . Have you read Pink Lips Empty hearts by Heather Lindsey or So you want to be married? By Cornelius Lindsey. They are written for a wide audience but I throughly enjoyed those books with same basis as The Wait. A
    Glad I found your review, dont want to bash their book but I see there are others who are not all the way into it .

    • YES! I have read ALL of Heather Lindsey’s book. I love her because she gets so personal. It is easy to say do this or do that. But I want to know your struggle, because your struggle is what makes you human.

      • I need to get her latest book for sure. Yes I love the Lindseys, they keeps it real and are about our Father’s business. But for real you are my internet friend and mentor because we are in similar boat and you are a few years older than me so if you can do it, so can I 🙂

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