How To Dress Casual But Still Be Classy

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How To Dress Casual But Still Be Classy

How to dress casual and still be cute?  Judge me if you want but I personally believe that you should care about how you look (click my blog here) and that looks can matter in the sense of how other perceive you (click my blog here).

I also understand that not everyone wants to step out of their house getting super dressed up just to go run their errands.  But, I am a firm believer of the Rules Book (click here to buy).

They assert that even when you go jogging you should at least put on a decent outfit, some lip gloss, perhaps light makeup, and make sure you look presentable.  They assert that may you may meet a man, but I will take it further than that. The world does not revolve around you meeting a man BUT you never know who you may meet.

True story, the other day I was leaving my garage to drop my son off as school. I put on some light foundation, lip gloss, and a hat.  I was not going to work that day and I did not even have to get out of the car when dropping my son off.  As soon as I opened my garage, there was my neighbor introducing himself.

How To Dress Casual But Still Be Classy

I did not look like my normal glammed up self, but my clothes were matching, I had a hat over my undone hair, and some light makeup.  Can you imagine how bad that first impression would have been if I came out in my pajama pants, rollers in my head, looking a hot mess!

You never know who you are going to meet so even when dressing casual you can still be cute.  So here are my tips of how to dress casual and still be classy. (post contains affiliate links)

How To Dress Casual #1 The Makeup no Make Up Look

I have written a blog on the makeup no makeup look (click here).  Depending on the situation I can put a lot of effort into my makeup no makeup look or put little effort.  I can master this look in about 10-15 minutes.  Perhaps for you all it will take is just a little bit of foundation, some highlighter or bronzer, blush, and some lip gloss or nude lip color. And you are done.  For myself I also like to add eye liner, I just feel every look is more complete with eyeliner. I recommend the ItsMyRayeRaye Palette click to buy and click here for my full review.

How to Dress Casual #2 Keep it Casual But put Together

You can wear joggers, can wear jeans, and they can look good if you want but they can look a mess too.  If your casual clothes are too baggy, to ill fitting, not flattering, or have stains on them, then that is a hot mess causal look.  You can wear joggers and a sweatshirt. Here is a picture of me doing it.  I look put together because my clothes match, my shoes match, and they are fitted to my body.

How To Dress Casual But Still Be Classy

It is not just a bunch of random stuff put together from my closets or shirts that I sometimes sleep in or lounge around the house in.  My casual clothes are still suitable for wearing outside and I will still look good and trendy when I wear them.

When you wear your casual clothes determine what you look like in the mirror.  You have eyes and you can tell if you look a mess or if you look cute.  Even when you dress casual, think of the person that you respect the most.  If you walk out of your house, and you see them, picture how you may feel in that outfit.  If you are ashamed that they will see you like this, then don’t wear it.

Even when casual you should NOT be ashamed of how you look to other people, you should still look like a put together person.

How To Dress Casual #3 You can Keep Your Hair Casual.

I am a huge fan of wigs.  Recently I have been wearing the Capdo on my laid back days to run a few errands (click here to by).  The Capdo is a baseball cap with a wig that is sewn into it.  All you have to do it put it on and comb it out.  That’s all, and it takes less than 5 minutes to do.  It is a more casual look, but it still gives you the appearance of being put together and doing your hair, even though you didn’t.  With the Capdo you can even wear something like this to the gym or walking and still maintain the cute element.

How To Dress Casual #4 Get A Hat

Depending on your situation you do not have to wear a wig you can wear a hat or even a scarf.  Depending on how the hat or scarf goes with your outfit, you can turn a simple casual look to a style that makes you  look like you are more put together.  Check out the picture below, all I have are some jeans, Old Navy Plaid Shirt, and a Headed Scarf.

How To Dress Casual But Still Be Classy

Doesn’t the scarf elevate my style and make it look like I put more time in my appearance.  Yes, it is still casual, but when you put more effort into your look from your head to your toes it can make a difference.  I could have worn the same outfit and not had a scarf OR not done my hair or make up, and I would have look a whole lot different. See the picture below, this is a casual look but imagine if she had done something with her hair and a little makeup the look would have been a lot more put together looking.

How To Dress Casual But Still Be Classy

Learning how to dress casual is about how you put the whole package together.  Wearing a hat or scarf can make a casual style look more dressed up.  It can make an undone head look more done.

Take the picture example for Ellarie I love this, because yes she is casual, but that bomb scarf she has on her head takes her look to another level along with her light makeup.  Can you imagine how basic she would look if her hair was all wild and she came with nothing on her face?  She would have still been pretty YES, but sometimes that little effort in the small things go a really long way.

How To Dress Casual But Still Be Classy

How To Dress Casual #5 Always be Classy

And no matter what, be classy (see my blog here on how to be classy).  Never once did I mistake classy for having all of my breast out or my butt cheeks out.  There are several women who dress casual where it just come across at letting it all hang out.  You can be casual but the last thing you want to do it so pick up your kids, go into the store, and people wondering what in the world is going on with you and why it looks like you are wearing lingerie.

Casual does not give you a licensed to go overboard and forget yourself.  Be sure to dress appropriate and remember the techniques I showed you, imagine the person you admire the most if you would not want to run into them with all of your cookies hanging out, then do not wear it.

How To Dress Casual #6 What’s Your Casual

There are different levels of casual.  There is I am going to the gym casual, I am going to work casual, or I am going shopping in a nice area casual.  Determine what type of casual you are aiming for.  My jogger wearing casual can give me a different look than my jean wearing casual.

How To Dress Casual But Still Be Classy

There are difference levels of casual and you need to figure out what casual you want to represent and the way you figure that out is by knowing where you are going, what side of town you are going on, who you may run into, and how long you are going to be outdoors.

Also, be weary of the type of casualness.  You can try to be casual and end up looking a little foolish.  Wearing jeans with an insane amount of holes in them or just putting on casual things on, thinking that because they are casual you followed all the rules that you look good.  That may not be the case, do not go overboard, your eyes are your friend, make sure when you step out you look presentable.  And being put together is really the key to casual.

You can put on anything from sweat pants to a t-shirt, but what will separate you from the casual and cute look to the casual and I look like I got hit by a train look, will be determined on how you are able to pull off the look AND how the entire outfits looks on you from head to toe.

How To Dress Casual But Still Be Classy

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