How To Do A Makeup No Makeup Look In 4 Easy Steps

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How To Do A Makeup No Makeup Look In 4 Easy Steps

In case you do not know what the makeup no makeup look is, it is exactly what it sounds like.  It is wear one wears makeup but wants to look more natural and appear as if she does not have any makeup on at all.

How To Do A Makeup No Makeup Look In 4 Easy Steps

I will share my tips for the makeup no makeup look. But for myself, since I am a makeup wearer anyway, my makeup no makeup look may be a little bit more makeup then some are willing to put on for this look.  And that is okay, you do not have to follow my exact steps and I will give advice on how to go for a lighter makeup no makeup look for those who really want to be super natural and light.

My makeup no makeup look is for me to look natural but still glammed up in a sense, and it stills requires a lot of effort.  It just really depends on your natural features, how you want to look, and what you want to highlight about your face.

Let’s get right into it. Here are my top tips for the makeup no makeup look

Makeup No Makeup Look ~ The Foundation Step #1

With foundation you can go as light or as much as you want to.  I will cover the full coverage, medium coverage, and light coverage options.

Full Coverage

For myself I go with the full coverage.  For me this is ideal because my skin is not perfect as I have dark spots on some parts of my skin.  Even though I am doing a makeup no makeup look I want my skin to look flawless even though it is less than flawless.  The key to having foundation is for the foundation to look like it is your skin.  Which is why I use the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation (Click to buy).

You can tell by the name “born this way” name that the foundation is made to blend well with your skin and it is a more full coverage foundation.  You can stop here with the foundation if you want, even if you like full coverage. As for myself I typically add a powder foundation over it such as the L’Oréal True Match powder (click here to buy) or setting powder that is my color such as the Ruby Kisses HD Setting power click to buy.  Adding powder not only gives you additional coverage but also helps set your liquid foundation.

Medium Coverage

How To Do A Makeup No Makeup Look In 4 Easy Steps

If you do not require full coverage and want to go lighter then you can feel free to just go with the powder foundation.  Once again L’Oréal Match foundation is ideal (click here to buy). If you notice by the “true match” name is that the powder truly does set to match your skin tone to make it look more natural.

Light Coverage

If you want light coverage then you can use a BB cream.  I suggest the Urban Decay Naked Skin One and Done (click here to buy), it has colors for light and dark skin tones, hides imperfections, but it still a lighter coverage option.

Makeup No Makeup Look ~ Eyebrows Step #2

I have a blog on how to shape your brows you can click here to see it. For the makeup no makeup look, you do not want your brows to be overly done.  The first thing you want to start off on are eyebrows that are already arched or shape how you want them.  Then lightly fill them in with an eyebrow pencil, one that is a little lighter than your natural brow to give it a more natural effect.

Makeup No Makeup Look Eyeshadow

The key to the makeup no makeup look is to get eyeshadow that is easily blendable to your skin tone.  What I like to do is stick to light and darker brown colors, because my skin is brown.  That way the makeup looks more natural.

Some of my recommendations for palettes is the ItsMyRayeRaye palette by BhCosmetics (click here to buy).  I did a full review of it on my blog here.  This palette is versatile but mainly you want it for the natural and brown tone colors which is has a few of.  It also has a highlighter and a contour.  For my makeup no makeup look I did use this powder highlighter and the darker contour on my face.  Since it is powder it is not as noticeable and the colors blended really well on my skin.

How To Do A Makeup No Makeup Look In 4 Easy Steps

Doing this did not take away from the makeup no makeup look because it was done to look more natural not drastic.  Just make sure you blend really well and do not go overboard.

Other honorable mentions for palettes for the makeup no makeup look palettes are below.  Just remember to stick to the neutral tones and one that match very close with your skin color.

Makeup no Makeup Look – Bronzer and Blush Step #3

How To Do A Makeup No Makeup Look In 4 Easy Steps

This is one of those things that are optional.  Adding bronzer, gives more of a makeup look, but to me it can just add more of a glow to your skin. Once again my prime recommendation is the ItsMyRayeRaye Palette, I used the darkest bronzer in the set. The way the bronzing effect was not too bright.  Just choose a bronzer that is closer to your skin.  Once again focusing on the upper areas of the cheek bones and also possibly underneath the brow bone to give yourself an added glow.

Blush is also optional, but if you choose to add it then of course do not get carried away.  Choose a really light blush or one that blends well into your skin and do not put much on.  It will give you more of a natural glow around the cheek area over a really made up look. I also suggest the L’Oréal True Match Blush.  It is blendable and comes in various colors that way you can get a color that is suited for your skin tone and can blend in to give you a more natural look.

Makeup No Makeup Look – Lip Color Step #4

How To Do A Makeup No Makeup Look In 4 Easy Steps

For lip color you also want to go more natural.  But you can use more of a color variety here.  You can use a neutral tone lip color.  For myself, since I am black I find that a brown lip color works best for my neutral tone as well as a light pink lip color, or even a lip gloss.  Some of my suggestions are below.

These are all of my suggestions for the makeup no makeup look.  Feel free to add and take away as you see fit.  But the key to ensure that it looks more natural and effortless as possible, even though it isn’t.

How To Do A Makeup No Makeup Look In 4 Easy Steps

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