5 First Date Mistakes You Could Be Making. First Date Tips For Women.

How to Behave On A First Date

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First dates are important and making first date mistakes can put you out of the running for a second date (you can click here to see other first date mistakes). Common first date mistakes for women, include that sometimes women do not know how to behave on a first date.  I am going to give you first date tips by telling you what you are doing wrong (you can also check out my blog on how to date properly).

So here are 5 first date mistakes you could be making.

Being Too Desperate

I get that you are happy to be going on a date and that you want to have a boyfriend and get married, but do not tell the man that, especially on the first date. As the relationship progresses you will have time to talk about all of that.  But the relationship has to progress first.  On a first date, you should be trying to get to know each other, not mapping out your future wedding.  Being too desperate is scary and implies that something is wrong with you.  So just, chill out and relax.  Forgo the wedding talk and forgo the talk about your future children, it sounds a little crazy.

Not Enough Clothes

I am all for looking and feeling sexy, but do not mistake sexy for not wearing and clothes. More skin does not equal sexy, it sends the wrong message.  I once dated a guy who told me he went out with a girl who had a “freakum dress on.”  He told me that he knew what she was about (meaning sex) when she came to his car.  The last thing you want a guy to think about you on the first date is that you are a piece of sex.  You want to get to know each other.  So still look good, but also be modest enough that people are not mistaking you for a prostitute.

Sleeping with Him

Do not let men tell you that it does not matter if you sleep with them too soon. It does matter.  They are going to be an active participant in sleeping with you, but after the sex they are going to think that you sleep with everyone on the first date.  Then they are going to wonder how many first dates you have been on.  And then they are going to think that you have slept with everyone on the first date.  And then they are going to be turned off. So no matter how hot he is and no matter how turned on you are.  Do not have sex with him.  (Click my blog on dating as a Christian, it will help you maintain boundaries when dating).

Drinking too much

I am not saying that you can’t drink. But you must limit your drinking. Drinking too much can make you do and say things that you would not do under any other circumstances, such as sleeping with a man too soon. Drinking too much can make you embarrass yourself and it is a possibility that you can get sick.  No one wants to go out with someone who is sloppy drunk; it is just not a good look.

Talking About an Ex

The point of a first date is to get to know the person you are going on a date with. Not to talk about someone you are no longer with.  If you want to talk about that person then go be with that person.  They are your ex for a reason and do not belong in the topic of conversation for a first date.  Even if the guy askes you about your exes, just tell him you prefer not to talk about exes and you want to get to know him.  If you are confused on what else to talk about, check out my blog on first date questions you should be asking.

Now that you know what first date mistakes are common, let’s hope that you are not doing them. You can check out my video below for more on first date mistakes.  Feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel to stay updated on my videos.


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  1. How do you recover after you mention an ex marrying a best friend, and being in their wedding on a first date? I really like the guy…

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