7 First Date Mistakes Keeping Your From A Second Date

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6 First Date Mistakes Keeping Your From A Second Date

First dates are the first impression that people get of you, which is why it is important to avoid common first date mistakes.  The last thing you want to do on a date it to be counted out for making common first date mistakes and not even get a chance to go on a second date.

Are you that person that goes out on a date and then you never hear from the man again? Does this happen to you multiple times?  If so, then it may be something that you are doing on the date and not them.  I feel that when you go on a first date this is the opportunity to set the standard of what you will accept and what you will not accept.

So here are 6 First Date Mistakes Keeping Your From A Second Date

Not going on a date but going to his house or letting him come to your house.6 First Date Mistakes Keeping Your From A Second Date

That is not a date. That is a come over a chill moment.  The standard that you are setting by having these “come over and chill moments” is that the man will never have to take you on a date.  As in out of the house and to an actual restaurant.  So if you go to your house or his house on the first date, then know that is where you will more than likely spend the rest of your dates.  Plus, being in the house on the first date puts you in a bad position to be in the bed on the first date.  And that is not how you want to start a potential relationship. You will give the impression that you are not worth the effort that it takes to actually plan a date and that you will settle for anything.

Paying for the first date or going Dutch.

I believe in women equality I do. But I do not believe in paying for my meal on the first date, let alone paying for both of us on the first date.  Once I went on a date where a man “forget his wallet” and wanted me to pay.  I did pay because I did not want to get arrested.  But I also never saw him again.  Do not set the tone that you will pay for everything or yourself on the first date, because if you pay for the first date, then you will pay for the second date, and before you know it you will be making his car and his rent payment.  It goes along with the effort thing, a man can come up out of his pocket to impress you.  Or at least he should, and if he doesn’t then that speaks to his character as a man.

Having too many drinks.

I like to drink. I cannot tell you how many drinks is too many because it varies from person to person.  What I can say is that you do not need to be drunk.  Or do not even get too get tipsy.  When you have too much to drink you start having diarrhea at the mouth and telling more about yourself that he wants to know.  Like how you cheated on your ex or how many sex partners you had.  Keep that information to yourself.  Also being drunk compromises your senses.  And you may end up at his house, in the bed, naked, having sex. And more than anything having sex too soon is something you want to avoid.

Dresses too provocatively or dressing down

I am not saying that you have to dress like a nun. I encourage you to look sexy.  But in a classy way.  No one wants to see your butt cheeks on the imprint of your lady parts.  If you can see these things then you need to change.  It send the message that you are only a sex partner and not a life partner. On the reverse side do not dress to down.  If a man comes to pick you up and he is in a tie and slacks and you are in jeans, a tee shirt, and some Ugg boots.  That is not a good look.  He will think that you are not use to going anywhere because you cannot even dress properly for the date.

6 First Date Mistakes Keeping Your From A Second DateAllowing yourself to be disrespected.

I know that no one would knowing allow themselves to be disrespected. But men “test” woman on dates all the time to see how far they can get away with (click here to see my bad dating story).  On a first date a man tried to get me to give him a lap dance and come back to his hotel room.  Of course I did not go, but these are just examples of how a man will try to disrespect you.  Do not allow that to happen.  Do not allow any man to force you do to anything that you do not want to do or that you are not comfortable with. And most importantly do not allow yourself to think that just because you do not want to be disrespected that something is wrong with you.  There isn’t.  It is okay to have standards and to let a man know how you want to be treated.

Being On The Phone or Social Media Too Much

The whole point of a date is to get to know each other.  You cannot do that if you are always texting someone else or updating your Facebook status.  Take a break from you electronics for a while and pay attention to the person you are dating.  So you can get to know him and see if you want to go on a second date with him.

Not Knowing How To Act

So the man could be nice trying to show you a good time.  But you may be loud and impolite to the wait staff.  Have some manners.  Know how to say  please and thank you.  Do not complain on a date or be loud for no reason.  No one wants to go on a date with someone that they are embarrassed to be seen with in public.

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6 First Date Mistakes Keeping Your From A Second Date



  1. I think another mistake that can be made is talking too much! No one wants to only hear about you. It’s important to make sure the conversation is balanced.

  2. I think you shouldn’t even have your phone out on a date unless on of you is a doctor or has a child or sick relative you’re responsible for. I have done the two many drink thing before, years ago but looking back they weren’t the right guy for me any way. Great dating tips.

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