5 Ways To Tell If It’s Time To Quit Your Job And Move On

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5 Ways To Tell If It Is Time To Quit Your Job

Are you wondering if it is time to quit your job? Are you sitting at your job, right now, ready to walk out of the door and never come back? Before you go crazy at the work place, sometimes quitting your job may be the easy answer but not the right answer.  In case you missed it you can check out my blog  “6 things to consider before quitting a job you hate.” I talk about not making an impulsive decision just because you do not like being some where.

5 Ways To Tell If It's Time To Quit Your Job And Move On

Sometimes it is meant for you to stay at a job and sometimes it is meant for you to go about your business. And that is why I am here to help you decide which one is which.

Here are 5 Ways To Tell If It Is Time To Quit Your Job5 Ways To Tell If It Is Time To Quit Your Job

Everyone and everything is getting all your nerves

If a job has become so unbearable that you just cannot stand being there. This is a clear indication that you need to move on.  But it is not time to move when a job is getting all your nerves because it is hard.

Sometimes a job will become hard to keep us from becoming complacent. In time like this a job becoming hard is a good thing because it allows us to grow and learn new skills to get a promotion (click my blog here) or take the skills with us for a better job.

But if going to your job every days makes you sink down into a clinical depression, drink, or use drugs. Then you need to move on.  No job is worth feeling suicidal and unhappy all of the time over.

You lost the passion

This was the case for me and counseling. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE helping people, but now I seek to do it on a more broader scale.  Gone are the days where I seek to just sit in an office and talk one and one with people.  Now I enjoy more writing and speaking to the masses.  And there is nothing wrong with that.  People are meant to evolve and people are meant to move up.  If you lost the passion for what you are doing, it is probably a clear indicator that you need to be doing something else OR another variation of what you already do (Check out my blog on how to find a career based off your personality).  Life is too short to sit around doing a job that you are not passionate about.

5 Ways To Tell If It Is Time To Quit Your JobYou cannot grow

In whatever position you are in you should always be seeking to grow. You should always want to learn more, get promoted, move into another position, get more training, more experience, more money, MORE SOMETHING.  If the job that you are in is not offering any opportunity to make you better then you are just wasting your time in a dead in job. Also check out my blog on being underemployed and how to get a better job. 

The people are crazy

You can read my blog here on crazy bosses. I have worked in a toxic environment before.  I have work where the people were crazy (check out my blog on work place bullying). There are times where you can learn a lot of patience from crazy people.  But there are also times where you need to leave crazy with crazy and go on about your business before their craziness affects you.  Sometimes you meant to be in a crazy office to be the light of normalcy.  And sometimes you need to leave the crazy behind in order to maintain your own sanity.

The company is doing something illegal and/or unethical5 Ways To Tell If It Is Time To Quit Your Job

And I have worked where for companies (as in more than one) where they were doing things I did not feel was legal or ethical.  I have worked for companies where I felt that need for money was actually hurting the clients and not helping them.  I have worked for a company where I feared for the client’s safety due to her mental condition, only for the company to brush off my concerns because they did not want to upset the client.  I had a decision to make and that was to leave.  The last thing anyone wants to do is to go to jail or be involved in a lawsuit because of a company.  Your company may not be doing something illegal they may just have shady practices.  Either way, you do not want to be a part of a company like that.


But before you jump.  Always have a plan.  So as an added bonus get the “Finding a Job Worksheet” and the “Ways To Get Promoted Worksheet” FREE. Just for joining Sophie-stication nation.  (Click Here)

5 Ways To Tell If It Is Time To Quit Your Job