Why Children Should Fear Their Parents. The Key To Teaching Children Respect

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Why Children Should Fear Their Parents. The Key To Teaching Children Respect

The key to teaching children respect is to have them fear you. Now before you get all up in arms when I say fear, I do not mean child abuse type of fear. I mean lime more of a reverence type of fear.  Meaning a deep respect for someone or something.

For example I do none of my family uses profanity in front of each other, disrespects one another, or even never tries to hit one another.  And I expect the same for my son.  And the reason is because not only do I respect my family but if I ever decided to get crazy, I  know for a fact my life may end if I was too disrespectful to my mother.

Granted children are children and they are going to do stuff wrong.  But the fear that my son has for me helps minimize the wrongness that he does.  Because he knows that we he does wrong that there are going to be consequences.Why Children Should Fear Their Parents. The Key To Teaching Children Respect

The easy way that I can explain healthy fear is in a Christian way. If you are a Christian or you believe in God, then you have a fear for God.  Or you should have a fear for God.  You should not fear Him in the sense that you are afraid to live your life for fear that He will strike you down with lighting.  But more of a fear in terms that when you do wrong it is within God’s ability to do punish you in any way that He sees fit.  That punishment can be great or no so much.  But the knowledge alone with knowing that God has the ultimate and total control to punish you when you do something stupid is what causes us to fear Him.  And as a result, we do not do as many dumb thing because we do not want to get punished.

With that being said, I do not want to paint God out as the villain. There are many times that He chooses not to punish us.  But there are times that He chooses to punish us so that we do not do something again because God knows that if we keep up what we are doing we will end up in hurting ourselves or maybe even end up in jail. So He punishes us to decrease the likely hood of bad behavior.  Make sense? (You can also check out my blog here on fearing the Lord).

Now let’s turn this ideology back on to parenting. It is the same thing.  Just like we love God, we worship Him, and we see God as our father.  Our children see us as their mother and father.  And as a result they SHOULD understand that you, as their parents, are the ultimate authority figure in your home.  You have the authority to punish them and they should understand that the punishment is not because you hate them or want to be mean to them; but because you do not want them to repeat their mistakes.

My son once spent $1,100 of my money on Xbox games without me knowing (click here to read that blog).  It was then that I needed to instill the fear of God in him.  He needed to understand that you do not go around stealing people’s money.  If he was to do that as an adult then he would be in jail.  And it was my job as his parent, to punish him so much, that he would be fearful to do something like that again.

Why Children Should Fear Their Parents. The Key To Teaching Children RespectDuring my work I have seen a whole lot of disrespectful unruly kids who do not have respect or fear for anyone. And in this I start to blame the parents.  No we cannot control everything that our does.  But as a parent from a young age we need to instill fear in them.  They need to be scared to disrespect us.  Scared to step out of line.  And when my son grows up to go to college.  I want my son to have so much fear, that he thinks I am going to pop out of the bushes at any moment.  That way when someone offers him drugs or underage drinking, he will think twice about doing it.  Because he will have his mother to face.

Although my son and I are close. Never for one moment will I mistake my son for being my friend.  It is my job as his mother to love him, but it is also my job as his mother to punish him when he is wrong. It is my job to instill the fear of God in his so that he understand that there are consequences to his actions.  It is my job to set myself up as the authority figure so that he not only fears me but respects me.

Children who do not have consequences for their actions, grow into adults who do not think they should have consequences for their actions.  And that is not fair to them nor is it fair to the world who has to put up with a crazy adult who was not raised right.  People may say that I am hard on my son.  And that is okay, you can say that.  But what someone has NEVER said to me, is that my son is disrespectful, that is does not know how to act, or that he goes around in school acting like a heathen with no home training.Why Children Should Fear Their Parents. The Key To Teaching Children Respect

And my son knows that when he does something wrong, that I am the all seeing eye in the sky and I will eventually find out about it.  And when I find out about it, then I will punish him in the way I see fit.  I do not endorse any type of punishment.  Each parent has to decide that on their on.  But you need to have it.  Your children need to fear you and their punishment. So that they do not go around continuously doing things wrong because they do not fear anything or anyone. So I repeat.  My son is afraid of me.  But not like fear, but more like reverence.  A respect for me that he will not go out and embarrass me in public.  A respect so that he knows how to speak to adults in a respectful way. A respect that he does not go around being disobedient.  Kids are selfish and then tend to do what they want. But you are the parent need to reel that end by making them fear you. By making them understand that if they go around doing whatever it is they want, that you are the judge, jury, and executioners of the punishment.  And that should terrify them so much that they do not go around doing things that are wrong.

And once they get this concept as a child.  When they get older they will not go around doing what they want to do.  Because they have already learned self discipline and they learned that there are consequences to their actions. They will learn that if they break the law then can go to jail. They will learn that if they do a poor job at work they will get fired.  They will learn to avoid the consequences of doing bad things in there life because you as a parent have taught them earlier on. They will learn not do disappointment you because they not only fear you but they respect you to much to keep letting you down by their actions.

Why Children Should Fear Their Parents. The Key To Teaching Children Respect



  1. I don’t call it fear but respect which can be taught through example just as Jesus taught by example. I am my children mother not their best friend.

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