5 Obvious Signs He’s Not Into You

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5 Signs He's Not Into You and You Need To Move On

There are so many obvious signs he’s not into you but so many women want to ignore the obvious and refuse to pay attention to the signs.  The fact of the matter is that so many women rather be in any relationship than a good relationship. As a result

5 Signs He's Not Into You and You Need To Move On

they find themselves being in an unhappy situation and chasing after a man that is showing obvious signs he’s not into you (read my blog here on not chasing a man).  The woman is afraid to leave the man because that would leave them single.  Other woman stay in what they perceive to be a relationship, when in fact they are just being used and abused by the man that they are supposedly in a relationship with. Or they may be in a relationship with a man that is not really in a relationship with them. (Check out my blog on the difference between relationship and dating).

Here are 5 Obvious Signs He’s Not Into You

Obvious Signs He’s Not Into You ~ He has never officially said that you are in a relationship.

I do not care if you talk on the phone every day, see each other each night, or even if he takes you places. If he has not officially said that you are his woman and he is your man, then you are not his woman.

5 Signs He's Not Into You and You Need To Move On

A man not wanting to commit is one of the obvious signs he’s not into you.  In a relationship, when a man is ready to make things official with you, he will have that talk and let you know that things are official.  If you are unsure, pay attention to how he introduces you.  If you introduces you as his woman or his girlfriend or he introduces himself to your people as your boyfriend, then that is also his way of making if official. If that talk has never came then you are just playing house with a man that is not really yours. (Also check out my blog on the differences between a relationship and dating).

Obvious Signs He’s Not Into You ~ You Have Never Met Any of His Family or Friends

If you are just dating for a week, then of course you are not going to meet any of his family or friends. But if you have been dating for a year and you have never met his mom, his best friend, or any of the people that are close to him, then that means he is not serious about you.  He does not want to introduce you to these people because when he dumps you, he does not want his mother and his friends to ask were you went.

Obvious Signs He’s Not Into You ~ He Never Takes You Anywhere

If your relationship consist of you coming to his house or him coming to your house then this is not a relationship. This is just “chilling” with each other.  During these “chill” moments he may ask you to clean his house or cook him some food.  He is

5 Obvious Signs He's Not Into You

fishing for a maid not a girlfriend.  In a real relationship you go places with each other, go on dates, or go on vacations.  If you are not doing any of that, then you are not in a relationship and he is putting forth minimal effort to try to impress you.

Obvious Signs He’s Not Into You ~ He Only Calls You for Sex

This should be a no brainer, but it is not for many people. If he is only calling you to come lay in his bed that is not a relationship, that is a booty call.  Sex is not a relationship and you cannot make sex into a relationship (see my blog here).  Another indicator is that if after you have sex, he leaves your house or he kicks you out of his house.  If he does not want to go to sleep and cuddle with you but wants you to leave right way, this is a clear indicator that you are not in a relationship.  You are just sex.

Obvious Signs He’s Not Into You ~ He Does not Claim You On Social Media

Say what you want, but social media has become such a big outlet for people to profess that they are in a relationship. Big indicators that you are not in a relationship with a person is look on their social media page.  If you are not friends with them on social media and he keeps denying your friend request.  That is a big red flag.  There may be some other woman that is on his page that he does not want you to see.  Other indicators is him not wanting to change his relationship status or him NEVER putting up a picture of the both of you on his page.  If he is actively keep you away from his social media page, then you should be worried.  Case a point I dated someone that told me he did not have a Facebook.  He lied about his last name but I got smart and decided to search him by his phone and email.  I found out that he had a Facebook AND the reason why he lied is because his profile picture was of him and his fiancé.  In the status it stated that he was engaged.  You get the point, she was in a relationship with him it was apparent and I was the woman he he was not into.

5 Obvious Signs He's Not Into You




  1. Yes, all of this! I have a hard headed friend that’s dating a guy that only comes around in the middle of the night. They’ve been seeing each other for about a year, no dates. She even tried putting him as her #MCM on instagram, and he got angry about it! But… she still tries, poor thing. It’s such an emotional thing for her.

    xoxo, Sam | thehauntedhousewife.com

  2. Yikes. Dating is so hard. It’s hard to find someone that you’re compatible with and wants all the same things out of life that you do. Ugh. I’m really over the entire dating scene.

  3. Times have changed! Social media? For reals? Damn. I am glad I am not out there. These are awesome signs, though. Seriously, I got flashbacks of crap relationships I had been through and you are spot on, but social media? Really? 😉

  4. These signs are so true! The sad part is, we women do see the signs but turn a blind eye thinking he’ll eventually fall and things will change

  5. These signs are so true. The sad part is, we see the signs but ignore them, because we hope he’ll eventually fall madly in love if we do all the right moves. Never happens

  6. I think that it is hard for anyone to realize that something is over (or never really started). Even with the warning signs people may not want to accept that facts. Thanks for sharing.

  7. True list. The only one that I feel like I’m guilty of is the social media. I take the Beyonce approach on social media when it comes to my relationship. I used to post all the pics and stuff with other bfs but it just had too many people in my business. Now I may post something if we go somewhere really special or take an amazing concert. No more of the “lunch with my love” stuff it just feeds into the social media bs of making your life look perfect.

  8. The claiming you on social media thing is a big deal! I had a guy in college who wouldn’t tell people we were dating on social media and it always bothered me. He wasn’t dating other girls, but he wasn’t ready to commit to everyone he knew either.

  9. God, I think this is the hardest lesson for us girls to grasp for some reason. Watch their actions! They’ll let you know..don’t be blinded ladies :).

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