5 Girls Night In Ideas for Grown Women

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5 Girls Night In Ideas for Grown and Sexy Women

5 Girls Night In Ideas for The Grown and Sexy  Women

Today is the Single Christian Woman’s Challenge Day 25.  Click here to see all of the days for the month.

Today’s challenge is:

Day 25: Girls’ Night In

Plan a girls’ night in with your besties. Have a spa night, movie night, game night, or craft night. Or choose another theme. Make it a time to relax and enjoy being together.

I have already done ideas for a girl’s night out (click here to see that). And now it is time for ideas for a girl’s night in.  Remember those days as an adolescent where you used to have sleep over, stay up all night, watch movies, do something stupid, and talk about boys?  Well that does not have to change in your adulthood. Here are ideas you’re a grown and sexy girls night in. The reason why I say grown and sexy is because I love having adult fun that is classy.  What I do not like is get crap faced drunk and falling on my face and not remembering what I did the night before.  As a 30 plus woman is comes a time to have fun with your girlfriends.  I do not want to relive those old college days where I went to frat parties and wanted to see how much alcohol I can hold.  As a grown woman, I do not have time for that.

So let’s jump right into it the 5 Fun Girls Night In Ideas for The Grown and Sexy  Women

A Luncheon

Since you are older and more sophisticated, you can do older and more sophisticated things.  So why not have a luncheon where you invite all of your girlfriends over for the day! Make it a grown woman’s affair.  Serve hors-d’oeuvre on a nice serving plate. You can also chose to cater the event and have fancy cocktails with fancy umbrellas in them. Ask you girlfriends to dress up in their latest sun dresses and really make a go out of it.

In case you are a visual person, check out some ideas below for inspiration

5 Girls Night In Ideas for Grown and Sexy Women


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Wine tasting

Okay so when you were younger and had a girl’s night in with your girlfriends, you were probably not old enough to drink.  OR you may have snuck wine or alcohol from your parent’s cabinet.  The point is that you did not drink legally so why not take advantage.  Have each of your girlfriend bring their favorite wine over and have a wine tasting party.  Please provide food, the last thing you want is for people to be throwing up because they are drinking on an empty stomach.  That is not a good look. Even if you do not know alot about wine, you can buy a book and pretend like you know lot about wine.  Throw in some funny wine glasses and sangria and you will have a good time.

Here are some of my suggestions.

5 Girls Night In Ideas for Grown and Sexy Women

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Sex Party

Get your mind out of the gutter.  This is not where you have some big orgy with your friends.  Sex parties are actually quite common and I have been to a few myself.  Just because I am a Christian does not mean I am a prude.  A sex party is where you invite a professional to show sex toys or lingerie.  I attempted one in college and it was a great way for the professionals to also talk about safe sex and the proper way to apply a condom. Even if you are not into that type of stuff it is with your girlfriends, and it is a great opportunity to laugh and have fun.  The first sex party I went to, I actually tasted flavored lubricant.  It was an interesting experience to say the least.

A Sleep Over

Sleep over do not have to stop when you are an adult.  They can just get better. Invite all of your girlfriends over to have a sleep over.  You can binge watch movies, talk about your relationships problems, or if you do not have a relationship you can talk about your lack of relationship problems.  And you can chose to pig out, order pizza, and drink beer.

Spa Day

You do not have to leave you home to have a spa day (Click here to see my blog on my at home spa day).  You can be creative and give each woman their own goodie bag full of spa items and have an at home spa day while you beautify yourselves. Like cute little face mask or bath bombs. Be sure to give some attention to those feet and get that rough patch of skin off.  You know the patch that forms in the back of your foot.  Have no fear.

Here are some of my ideas for an at home spa day

5 Girls Night In Ideas for Grown and Sexy Women

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5 Girls Night In Ideas for Grown and Sexy Women


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