Single Woman’s Challenge Day 11: 5 Tips For Successful Online Dating

Today is day 11 of the Single Christian Woman’s Challenge.  To see days for the whole month click here.

Today’s Challenge is

Day 11: Date Online

Sign up for an online dating service like EHarmony or Christian Mingle. If you are already a member, update your profile and your pictures.

I have dating online several times.  Unfortunately and fortunately, for me it is not a process that I would personally like to repeat.  However, many people find long term meaningful relationships online.  Which is why if you wish to date online there are steps that you can take to ensure your success and decrease the likelihood that you will end up on an episode of Catfish.

  1. Fill Out Your Profile.

If you have no information about yourself or no pictures then you will not meet anyone.  No one is going to message someone that they do not know anything about or know what they look like.  That is one of the benefits of online dating.  You can sit in the comfort of your own home and go through people’s profile and weed out the ones you do not like.  It’s like shopping, but for a date.  With that in mind people will do the same to you. So you want to have a profile that attracts people.  Fill out your profile, tell people:

  • What you like.
  • What you are looking for.
  • Your Hobbies
  • If you have kids (be truthful) and if you want any more kids.
  • Be yourself and do not pretend to be the person you think someone wants.
  1. Give an updated picture.

Do not put a picture up of someone else or a picture up from 15 years ago.  Your picture needs to be recent, within the last 6 months. If you meet someone online you are going to meet in person anyway. So they are going to notice that you do not look like the picture you put up.  And this will ruin any chance that you could have had. You want to find someone that is interested in YOU and what YOU look like now.  So do yourself a favor, put up a GOOD picture of yourself (click here for my tips on how to take a good selfie).

  1. Ask Questions

With online dating some people want to hurry up and meet in person.  The danger of this is that person can be insane on a psycho path.  It is okay to use the chat feature on online dating and to email back in forth.  This is your time to find out the important information you want to know about the other person.  This way you can determine if they are even worth any more of your time.  Some questions that you may want to know are:

  • Do you have a job?  What do they do?  Ask specific questions to ensure they are not lying.
  • Do you have children? Or a wife that you are hiding away somewhere?
  • Why are you dating online? Are you looking for sex or something serious?
  1. Don’t Get Cat fished

I never understand how people get cat fished.  Use common sense.  Talk to them on the phone, FaceTime with them, Skype, and ask them to send you picture of themselves that are not already online.  This way you can ensure that you are talking to the person that they say they are. If someone avoids doing these things, then they are probably not who they say they are.

  1. Pick sites that are geared toward what you want to find.

If you are a Christian and want to find a Christian man, try Christian mingle.  If you are black and want to find a black man, try Black People Meet.  If you are over 50 then try a site that is geared toward people over 50.  This will give you a chance to meet people with similar interest and increase the likelihood of you meeting someone that you feel is best for you.

Last but not least be safe (Click my blog here on how to date safely online)


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  1. These were very practical tips, you have a great writing style.

  2. Online dating is so hard, but being true to yourself is #1

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