How To Let Go of The Past And Not Let It Ruin Your Future.

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How To Let Go of The Past And Not Let It Ruin Your Future.

Everyone has a past.  But it is important to know how to let go of the past because it if you don’t learn how to let go of the past, the past will continue to haunt your future.  As always, I will use myself as an example.

How To Let Go of The Past And Not Let It Ruin Your Future.A lot of people can say that they can remember me when….

I had smart mouth.

I use to drink too much.

I use to party all the time.

I use to date a lot of men at once.

I was lost in the sauce, confused, and all over the place. 

I am sure that many people who knew me 10 plus years ago look at me now and do not even recognize who I am.  We all have a past; some are worse than others.  But what is in our past does not matter.  We learn from the past but we do not allow our past to define us.  We cannot allow the demons of our past effect our future.  I have made a lot of poor decisions in life, maybe even more than most.  But no matter what decision I made then, I am not still making those mistakes now. I have learned from my past, and I learned enough not to repeat the same mistakes.

The first step in learning how to let go of the past is to learn from it.

You went through every thing that you went through for a reason.  Learn from what you went through and keep moving forward.  And most importantly do not keep repeating the same mistakes. The definition of insanity is going the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  Do not be insane.  Learn, move forward, and do something different.

The second step in learning how to let go of the past is to realize that the past is the past and you do not live there anymore.

A lot of people discredit themselves because they use to be a prostitute, a drug addict, promiscuous, or suffer from depression.  They allow those skeletons to continue to haunt them and allow those skeletons to tell them that they will never outlive their past, even though they do not live in the past anymore.

You may have old friends, boyfriends, co-workers, or class mates that thought that you would not amount to anything.  Because they remembered you when….

  • You were passed out drunk
  • You had that drug addiction
  • You had that eating disorder
  • You slept with everyone that had a pulse.

But just because that is your then, does not mean it is your now.   As long as you believe that you are not good enough, then you won’t be.  As long as you live in the past that is where you will stay.  You cannot go back in time and change anything.  And although you may regret the things you have done, it is better to make peace with them and move on.  There is no time machine.  There is no going back in the past and changing anything you have done.  So you have to find a way to leave were it is (in the past), you have to find a way to not repeat your past mistakes, and you have to find a way to move on and looked toward a brighter future.How To Let Go of The Past And Not Let It Ruin Your Future.

The Third Step in learning how to let go of the past is to stop listening to other people.

If I sat a listened to every person that judged me based off my past then I would have not amounted to anything.  As I go higher and higher into my destiny, people that knew me are still talking behind my back reminding everyone of the past that I had.   You do not have to prove to anyone that you are not your past; either they accept it or they don’t.  And if they don’t then do not allow them to come into your life, because they will keep reminding you about your past and you will keep living in the past reliving mistakes that you cannot undo. For myself, people reminding me of my past does not phase me one bit.  I am well aware of my past more than anyone because I lived it.  The past made me into the person I am today.

The last step in learning how to let go of the past is realizing that we all have one.

The message that I would like for you to take away is that no one is perfect.  We all have demons lying around in the our past.  Every person has things they regret and things they know they should not have done.  But do not let those mistakes tell you that you will never amount to anything.  Do not let anything or anyone from your past tell you, you are not good enough.  Your past does not define you.  I do not care who you use to be or what you use to do.  You do not have to be that person anymore if you do not want to be.  Your past will not haunt you if you do not let it haunt you.

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Do not let anyone or anything dictate your future, but you.

How To Let Go of The Past And Not Let It Ruin Your Future.