Learn How To Believe In Yourself. Because Lord Knows I Believe in Myself

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You have to believe in yourself.  No matter how impossible your dream may seem or if no one else believes in you, you must and I repeat you must believe in yourself.  Because Lord knows I believe in myself.Learn How To Believe In Yourself. Because Lord Knows I Believe in Myself

This year alone:

  • I plan on taking the National Counselor certification exam (update: which I passed)
  • Finishing my dissertation for my PhD
  • Dedicated more time on my Youtube channel
  • And growing my blog

This is not to brag, but just to prove a point.  Because I took it upon myself to believe  that I could achieve these things, even when other people told me I couldn’t. If I would have  listened to other people then none of these accomplishments would be on my list.

That is why I stopped listening to people long time ago.

I don’t care if other people think I am doing well by their standards or bad by their standards, what matters is if I am doing well by my own standards. (Click to Tweet).

The biggest mistake that people make as to why they feel they are less than, is because they feel as if their situation defines them.  They say to themselves:

“ I am from the hood, I will never go anywhere”

“ I am a product of a single mom, I cannot make a change.”

Learn How To Believe In Yourself. Because Lord Knows I Believe in Myself“ I had no one to love me, so I cannot…….(fill in the blank)”

You won’t accomplish anything if you belittle yourself and tell yourself that you are nothing. That is a dumb way of thinking.

If you do not believe in yourself, then why would anyone else? You should be your biggest fan. (Click to Tweet)

The last thing you want is to think that because you were born in a certain situation you can do nothing.  Because then you will do nothing, and by the time you hit  65, you flip out because you realize that your life is almost over and you have not done anything with your life.Learn How To Believe In Yourself. Because Lord Knows I Believe in Myself

When I was not living up to my full potential, I imagined that when I died God would show me all the things that He had planned for my life that I did not achieve because I was too busy thinking that I can’t.

I am a fan of Steve Harvey.  He quit a regular job at the Ford Company to do comedy.  Can you imagine that if Steve never believed in himself he would still be at the Ford Company.  His life would have not been “bad.” But he would not be what he wanted it to be.  He would have missed out on all the extraordinary opportunities that was lined up for him because he was afraid to step out of the box.  Because he was afraid of a little hard work. Or because he listened to people that told him comedy would never get him anywhere.

A lot of people told me a lot of crazy things.  They told me what I could not do.  But thank God I love proving people wrong. Thank God I believe in myself too much to ever listen to what other people tell me about myself.  When they Learn How To Believe In Yourself. Because Lord Knows I Believe in Myselftell me I can’t, I take it as a personal challenge, and will do it just to prove them wrong.

I have high expectations of myself.  No one believes in me more than I believe in myself.  No one knows what I am capable more than myself.  And no one is going to push me harder than myself.  If you cannot see your own potential and believe in yourself, then no one else will.  And even when you see your own potential there are still times when people still won’t believe in you. And that in when you believing in yourself is the most important thing you can do.

The way I see it, is that you can get on my bandwagon or get off of it.  Either way my bandwagon is going to leave and get to its destination with or without you.  Yeah it may be harder to get to the destination with one person on the band wagon, but I am still going to make it.  Some people have chosen not to get on my bandwagon or try to set my bandwagon on fire to keep it from going where it needs to go.  But my bandwagon keeps going even if it is burned, beat up, and I have to drag it there myself.

In case you’re confused about what I am taking about.  It’s a metaphor.  It means that on your way to your goals, people will support you, try to stop you, lie on you, or not believe in you.  And even though you may be get beaten down along the way, you still have to keep moving toward your goal and the way to do that is to believe in yourself.

Aim high! Set the bar so high that you have to jump through hoops to reach it! That is where the real reward is. (Click to Tweet).

If the bar is set low, that you can just walk over it.  Then you are not really doing anything great are you?