Blessed Are the Meek Meaning. Why They Will Inherit the Earth

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Blessed Are the Meek Meaning. Why They Will Inherit the Earth

What is the Blessed Are the Meek Meaning and why does the Bible say they will inherit the Earth. In case this is your first time seeing or hearing this verse or you are wondering where it comes from, lets take look at

Matthew 5:5 in which it states

“Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.”

Before we understand “blessed are the meek meaning” and why the Bible say they will inherit the Earth we must first define meek.

Blessed Are the Meek Meaning ~ Defining Meek

  • Having or showing a quiet and gentle nature : not wanting to fight or argue with other people.
  • Blessed Are the Meek Meaning. Why They Will Inherit the EarthEnduring injury with patience and without resentment.
  • Deficient in spirit and courage.
  • Submissive

This definition of meekness, can make it seem like someone who is meek is very weak.  Because we often associate submissiveness with weakness or slave. (Also check out my blog on Biblical submission in marriage). But having a gentle spirit in the midst of adversity can be a good thing ( Also check out my blog on how hard times can make your stronger).

Blessed Are the Meek Meaning ~ Moses

Look at Moses for example. After he killed someone and left Egypt, he spent 40 years in a desert. We do not know much about what went on in that desolate place, but what we do know is that after 40 long years he emerged.  He was not the violent man that wanted to attack people on sight because of their treatment of the Jews.  He was a man of good temperament willing to go before Pharaoh and not get all angry when Pharaoh refused to let his people go.

I am sure Moses was humbled because he became an outlaw instead of a prince of Egypt. He now understood the full way of the Jews and the people he saved. He understood that living in a desert and scrambling for the things that he needed was not way to live. And that no one deserves to be a slave. So this softened his heart and gave him a bigger understanding of what he needed to do.

And that is Blessed Are the Meek Meaning and why the Bible says they will inherit the Earth. To this day we remember Moses. Not just for freeing the Jews BUT for parting the red sea, for getting the 10 commandments, how close he was to God, and how he was used by God.  And this was his inheritance.  A Godly inheritances who name is carried on through thousands of years.

Blessed Are the Meek Meaning. Why They Will Inherit the EarthBlessed Are the Meek Meaning ~ Joseph 

Look at Joseph from the Bible. He had big dreams for himself. Literally, he had a dream that his family (fathers and brothers would bow to him. He told this dream to his family which was a big mistake because they may have seen it as bragging. As a result, his family then betrayed him which lead him into a life in which he was sold into slavery.

While in slavery Joseph endured a lot of hardship. He was accused of raped and put in prison for YEARS.  Just like Moses who was in the desert the prison was like Joseph’s desert. And it taught him humility.  He went from being a favored child of his father and having dreams that his family would bow to him to being a convicted felon.

I am convinced that his situation gave him a big dose of humility because after he was done with this hardship he went on to save his brothers from famine by holding a nearly royal position in Egypt.

He chose not to become bitter and he chose to forgive (check out my blog here on forgiveness is rarely about others but about yourself). While Joseph was going through his hardship he learned to be meek.  Once he got the position in Egypt he did not brag to his family about how awesome he was and he still helped his family out.  There was no negative emotions associated to what his family had done to him at all. And all that Joseph went through was not in vein.  After his hardship he was given once of the most prominent positions in Egypt. That is what you call an inheritance.

Blessed Are the Meek Meaning

Blessed Are the Meek Meaning. Why They Will Inherit the Earth

So what does this tell us about being meek? The first is that being meek comes with hardship. How else can you learn to be both humble and submissive without first being in a position of being below others? It is in this place of being persecuted your eyes will be opened of the wrong things of the world.

And instead of wanting to hold grudges against those who hurt you, you learn to forgive them (check out my blog on forgiving your enemies). Because you know not learning to forgive, will only repeat the cycle of hurt. And it is in these low places that you truly see things though God’s eyes and stop feeling sorry for yourself (check out my blog on how to stop feeling sorry for yourself).

Becoming meek equals hard times means that we will become appreciative of the small things and want to encourage peace despite going through the hard times. (Click to Tweet)

It means that in all we do and through all of our interaction we must show people the way of peace and not a place of anger, revenge, or jealously.

Meekness means that we must forgive those who hate us, persecute us, and feel empathy for them; not revenge. (Click To Tweet)

And these are not lessons that we learn simply by reading about it in a book, but rather going through it ourselves. What better way to understand the other side of the fence, unless we climb on the other side of the fence and live there for a while.

In closing, blessed are the meek meaning means that the meek inherit the kingdom of God. We know this, because this is what the Bible says. BUT also because being meek elevates your spirituality and relationship with God. The point of it all is that it takes strength to turn the other cheek and go through hardship with a smile on your face.

Blessed Are the Meek Meaning. Why They Will Inherit the Earth