Get Rich Or Die Trying. I Would Rather Dream Big and Fail, Then Not try at all?

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Get Rich or Die Trying. When I say get rich, I do not mean money per se.  The idea of being rich can vary from person to person. It could mean rich as in happiness, rich in your career, or rich in your purpose.  There are so many people out there in the world who have big dreams but are too afraid to go after those dreams because they are afraid to put themselves out there. They are afraid that they might fail or the amount of work that may be required of them…and as a results they do nothing.  At the end of their life, they live in regret that they never even attempted to try anything.54021275_l

I will go ahead and put this notion on myself. I have many big dreams and goals for myself.  I have seen some of the goals come true and some of my goals are still so far away.  I have invested years in working toward my goals and it seems like I have yet to make any real ground.  Although working toward a huge goal that I am nowhere near accomplishing can be frustrating, what is the alternative?  Should I give up?

I have come to the conclusion that I rather work really hard toward what I want and never get to where I want to be then give up and not try at all. The only thing that giving up will get you is nothing.  I have made in up in my mind that I rather give my all and fail in the end then not give anything and still fail in the end.

When this life of mine is over I rather say that I left this life with no regrets, no matter if it worked out or not. I never want to look back on my life and think about a whole bunch of should’ve, would’ve, could’ve.  I am in my early 30’s and there are a lot of should’ve, would’ve, could’ve in my life.  I think to myself:

  • What if I would have went to that law school that I got accept to in another state instead of chasing after my boyfriend?
  • What if I would have kept going at something instead of giving up?
  • What if I would have moved to a different state to pursue my dream?
  • What if, what if, what if?

50329525_lAfter having so many what if’s, that is when I decided, I would no longer live my life that way. I may encounter some failures, or people may call me dumb because they do not understand what I am doing, there is a possibility that none of my dreams will ever come to fruition.  But then there is a possibility that every goal that I have may actually come true.  And it is that possibility of even one of my dreams coming true that outweigh the fear of failure.

The fear of failing can leave you paralyzed, it can leave you stuck, and it can leave you so afraid to do anything that you never really do anything at all. Do you ever wonder why people go through a midlife crisis?  It is because when they reach a certain point in their life, they look back and realized that all the dreams that they had for themselves are gone and they see no way to regain what they lost. As a result they try to go back and be young again and trying to relive the past.  When they can’t.  The past is over and done with and now they have to live with a bunch of what if’s. Trying to regain a destiny that was lost.

So for myself I say that I rather get rich or die trying. Richness does not have to be money.  It could be the fact that you want to work for yourself, that you want to have a career that you can stay at home with your kids, or that you want to become a model, actress, doctor, or a lawyer.  And maybe you feel that it is impossible because you do not have money for college, you feel that you are not skinny enough to be a model, or you cannot make it to California to be an actress.  None of that matters.  Do not focus on what is standing in your way, instead focus on what you can do to move those roadblocks out of your way.  Would you rather dream big and fail, then dream big and not try at all?


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