Try And Fail But Never Fail to Try

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It is Always Better To Try And Fail But Never Fail to Try

When I say that it is better to try and fail but never fail to try is just a figurative way of speaking.  No one wants to put in hard work only to fall short.  But that is why I am convinced that if you try and continue to try despite coming up short then you will eventually succeed (you can also check out my blog for more on this topic). It is Always Better To Try And Fail But Never Fail to Try

So when I say try and fail but never fail to try that means that you are always going to work and move toward your goal and even if you get set back you understand that a set back is not a total failure.  And at the very  least you are not wasting time doing nothing only to have regret later on wishing that you had tried to do something with you your life as oppose to just sitting there and not doing anything at all.

You only get one life you mine as well spend it trying to accomplish something great because even if you fall short there is a lesson to be learned in your failure AND if you try that is the only sure way to fail. (Also check out my blog on you only get one life).

There are so many people out there in the world who have big dreams but are too afraid to go after those dreams because they are afraid to put themselves out there (see my blog here for more on this topic). They are afraid that they might fail or the Try And Fail But Never Fail to Tryamount of work that may be required of them…and as a results they do nothing.  At the end of their life, they live in regret that they never even attempted to try anything.

I have come to the conclusion that I rather work really hard toward what I want and never get to where I want to be then give up and not try at all. And that is what I mean by try and fail but never fail to try, because the only thing that not doing will get you is guaranteed nothing.  I have made in up in my mind that I rather give my all and fail then not give anything and still fail. Because when you try and you work really hard and something you are going to get something out of it. You may not get as high as you want to do but you will get somewhere BUT no effort means that you will get no where.

When this life is over wouldn’t you rather say that you left this life with no regrets, as oppose to you just sat around . I never want to look back on my life and think about a whole bunch of should’ve, would’ve, could’ve.

I would rather have the mentality to try and fail but never fail to try. I may encounter some failures, or people may call me dumb because they do not understand what I am doing, there is a possibility that none of my dreams will ever come to fruition the way I like, but I will try. And I will keep on trying until I can no longer try anymore.

Because when you keep trying and you take the fear of failure out of it, there is a possibility that every thing you have ever wanted may actually come true. And it the possibility of even one of your dreams coming true should outweigh the fear of failure. And it should be enough to allow you to keep on trying despite coming short.

The fear of failing can leave you paralyzed, it can leave you stuck, and it can leave you so afraid to do anything that you never

It is Always Better To Try And Fail But Never Fail to Tryreally do anything at all. Do you ever wonder why people go through a midlife crisis?  It is because when they reach a certain point in their life, they look back and realized that all the dreams that they had for themselves are gone and they see no way to regain what they lost. As a result they try to go back and be young again and trying to relive the past.  When they can’t.  The past is over and done with and now they have to live with a bunch of what if’s. Trying to regain a destiny that was lost.

So I say that I rather try and fail but never fail to try.  Because as long as you are trying then you are moving toward something. And you can learn a lesson even in your failures that will teach you to get up and try again.  Using the lessons from your failures to ensure that you do not continue to fail what you are trying at. Do not focus on what is standing in your way, instead focus on what you can do to move those roadblocks out of your way.  Would you rather dream big and fail or fall short, then dream big and not try at all and fail for a fact? Not even gaining a fraction of anything. Remember it is better to try and fail but never fail to try.

It is Always Better To Try And Fail But Never Fail to Try