Another Woman’s Husband Isn’t Yours

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another woman's husband

Let me answer this question for you now. God is never going to give you another woman’s husband. Point blank period. There are not if’s ands or buts about it.  I do not care how in love you think you are, getting God’s blessing for you to take another woman’s husband is never going to happen.  I have written a past blog Can a Married Man Fall in Love with His Mistress? And if you are reading this blog I encourage you to go over and check that post out as well.Another Woman's Husband

Before we get into it, know that I am a Christian. I can only come at this topic from a Christian standpoint and I can say with 100% fact that God would back me up on this.  So I do not want to hear “oh God made me fall in love with another woman’s husband.” No He didn’t. You chose to be with another woman’s husband so please take God out of it. God is not going to bless your sin when he clearly says in his word do not commit adultery.

As I had a conversation with a friend about this topic she asked me.

 “What if the situation happened to you. If you fell in love with a married man, don’t you feel like God would forgive you?”

To that question my answer is this. First although God forgives, let’s not use His forgiveness as a crutch to openly sin in His face and call it okay. And as for me, I wouldn’t even dare to ask God for forgiveness. I know that God forgives us for our sins.


  1. I would not have the balls to openly try to steal another woman’s husband then turn around and ask God for forgiveness. I know that it is wrong and I would not want to disrespect God by using His grace to call a wrong a right.
  2. Despite popular belief, forgiveness does not give us a pass to do whatever we want to do in life and then plead the blood of Jesus when it is convenient for us. There needs to be some self-control in all of this. If I got myself in that situation and asked for forgiveness. I know for a fact God would say “I forgive you, but you need to leave that man alone if you really want to do right by me.”

Another Woman's HusbandAsking God for forgiveness means that we regret the wrong that we are doing and we seek for forgiveness with the intention of not committing the sin again. How crazy would it be, if a serial rapist raped someone, asked for forgiveness, and the next day rape someone again, ask for forgiveness, and then two days later rape someone again.  He is just asking for forgiveness because he feels like that is what he should be doing.

But he is not really sorry, because he keeps doing it.  When you ask God to forgive you, God convicts you and you want to make the situation right with God.  Not continuing on in your sin. It is the same in this situation if you are trying to steal another woman’s husband.  Like the rapist, what you really want to do is to feed your flesh and do what you want.  You lack the self control needed to turn away from wrong doing and choose to ask God to excuse your wrong doing.

Let’s call a spade a spade and call an adulteress affair what is really is. It is about satisfying the flesh (Also read my blog on works on the flesh).  If you are in this situation, do not try to pass off your fleshy desire as anything else.  If you are with married man you are doing it because your flesh wants it.  God does not want you to do that.  So if you want to feed your flesh and take a married man away from his wife, then own it.  God knows your intentions and He knows your heart.  He knows if you are really seeking to please Him or if you are seeking to please yourself.  God made you and there is no hiding what you really want, need, or desire to come out of a situation from God.  And if you know all of that, and you still decide to steal a married man out of his marriage, then you may ask for forgiveness, but also be open to the consequences that may come.God is Not Going To Give You Another Woman's Husband

For every sin that we commit there are consequences. God’s grace is sufficient and sometimes He gets us out of things and other times He allows us to pay for our sin because He needs us to understand the magnitude of our sin.  If we never reaped what we sowed, then we will go around all the time living by the flesh pleading the blood of Jesus because it “sounds” right, when really we are living by our own terms, not God’s terms.

Marriage is a covenant of God’s. And if you read the Bible you should know how God feels about covenants.  A married couple has taken a vow before God, so how dare you come in between what God already has His hands on! And then try to excuse your messiness by saying that you being with another man’s husbands is God’s will.  And then say “Well I will just pray for forgiveness.”

How about you not do it. How about your bridle your flesh and tell your flesh that you will not satisfy it by stepping into sin with another woman’s husband.  How about you trust and believe that God will bring you, your own husband instead of trying to convince yourself that God has brought you another woman’s husband.  God is not going to do that.  God says do not commit adultery.  God is not a liar and He is NOT going to go back on His word because you have fallen in “love” with a married man.

If you choose to do so, acknowledge that this is a choice that you have made and do not try to throw it back onto God. I know I am coming across very harsh, but this angers me that woman want to put themselves in that situations and try to make an unholy situation holy.  It is not.  God is never going to give you another woman’s husband.  Point. Blank. Period. And really why would you want Him to, is it not better to pray for a husband of your own (click my blog here) and ask God to give you a man of your own that you do not have to share with his wife.  Think about it.


God is Not Going To Give You Another Woman's Husband


    • Just take it one day at a time. I write a list of everything I want to accomplish in a day and the time frame I want to have it done by, (like I will say from 9-12 I want to finish xyz). And then I really stick to the timeline I set for myself it helps me manage my time wisely.

  1. I believe in fate. We were together 20 yrs ago then we found each other again. Had nothing to do with the ” flesh” right or wrong the heart wants what it wants and you can’t help who you love and I mean a deep love on both parts. Talking each day seeing each other every day etc he was there for me daily when I had cancer.. I strongly disagree with it being dirty. Love like that is beautiful and I know God looks at every persons circumstance!!

    • You are right. God does look at our circumstances, and at the end of the day when all is said and done and we leave this Earth we have to explain our actions to God. So if you feel like your rationale is good enough for Him and He will understand, then that is all you have to worry about. Because in the end He (God) is our judge. He will judge our actions, our heart, and the intentions we had behind our actions. And the people we have hurt in the process of doing what we want without the consideration of other people.

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