Make Your Own Wig With Bangs Tutorial. With Affordable Human Hair.

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Make Your Own Wig With Bangs Tutorial. With Affordable Human Hair.

Making your own wig with bangs it not hard. It is actually pretty easy.  But before I get into this tutorial I have to tell you how I came up with this wig idea.  I was at the beauty supply store looking for a quality human hair wig with bangs. Shortly after arriving into the store, I saw the exact hair that I wanted.  That was until the store clerk told me the wig was going to be $415 that I knew I was not trying to buy that wig.

So, I took a feel of the wig, observed it a little bit, and then I told her she could place the wig back on the shelf.  I was convinced that I could make a similar wig that was not going to cost me $415.  I am not a baller, I am on budget. Despite the store clerk trying to convince me to buy that hair, I decided to find a way to make the hair on my own.

What You will Need To Make Your Own Wig With Bangs

Make Your Own Wig With Bangs Tutorial. With Affordable Human Hair.


Other items that were needed to complete this look was

  • The Qfit make your own wig dome cap (click here to buy). A lot of people use a regular dome cap for wig making, but I love this dome cap because it is specifically for making wigs.  It has markings on it that helps with placement of the hair and it fits me better than a dome cap.
  • A glue gun (click here to buy). You can always sew your wig, BUT they take up way too much time. I can cut my time in half by using a glue gun and it looks the same to me as sewing.
  • A mannequin head (click here to buy). Since most mannequin heads are smaller than your actual head. I recommend using padding to add size to the mannequin head. That way matches your own head size.  If you make your wig on the mannequin head, and the mannequin head is too small.  Then your wig may be too small or it may not fit right.

 Check out the video below so you can see my full



Make Your Own Wig With Bangs Tutorial. With Affordable Human Hair.



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8 Comments on Make Your Own Wig With Bangs Tutorial. With Affordable Human Hair.

  1. Good job being thrifty and frugal with your new look. The wig looks very nice.

  2. I had no idea it was possible to make your own wig. That’s pretty cool. And your wig looks great!

  3. I have never worn a wig and wouldn’t know where to begin. This look really natural

  4. I’ve never really worn a wig. I’ve tried on the ones my sister and mom wear but never really took one but for a spin…partly because they make my head sweat haha my sister started making them and she loves it we call them names like Gabi and Kelly haha

    • Yeah I got into them when I went natural. Because being natural takes a lot to do your hair. And then I came to love them. Because it gives my hair a break from everyday styling. But that is why I make my own, because I want them tailored to my head.

  5. I never would have thought it possible to make it look so great as a DIY project. Who knew? That turned out incredible!

  6. Wow, that’s amazing that you were able to make a wig and it looks great! I can’t even style my own hair, so wig making would probably be a disaster!

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