Hair, Wigs, And Weaves Oh My! Welcome to Hair Closures 101.

Hair, wigs, and weaves oh my! With all the different options one can easily get confused with all the various closure options.  Which is why I broke it down for you.

Welcome to closures 101. 

Lace/silk closure:

One of the most popular types of closures are the lace and silk closures.  With the lace or silk closure, you are able to part your hair and it looks like a real scalp. Silk base closures do cost more, but it gives the most realistic looking scalp over the lace.  And within the closure family you have different options:









The middle/side part: Which is where the closure is pre-parted one way, and you can only wear the closure parted in that area.

The three way part: Where there are three parts.  Two on each side and one in the middle, allows you to wear a middle part and a side part on either the right or left.

A free part:  This is my favorite.  You can part this closure anywhere.  You can create a zig zag part, a curvy part, and you can part it any way that you can part your regular hair.  This closure is also the best if you want to wear your hair straight back with no part.  The hair will look like it is coming from your scalp.






And in a subset of its own is the full frontal.  This is where the lace or silk runs from ear to ear in the front.  Normally a closure just focuses on the middle portion of the head.  But a full frontal covers the entire front.  This allows to pull the hair back into a ponytail or to put a half up and half down look.  They are pricier than the closure that lays in the middle of the head, but it is also more versatile.

The pro of all of the lace or silk closures, is that you can have any color hair and use the part along with your weave.  This means that you do not have to dye your real hair in order for it to blend with your extensions. Also, it is good for a protective style because none of your actually hair is exposed.

You can order a good lace or silk based closures online from places like Ali Express or Amazon.  Many of the good ones come from China.  You can go to your local beauty supply store, but the options there are pretty limited to only a middle or side part closure.




The invisible part:

Too wide

With the invisible part you have the potential to make your part look the most realistic.  This is because your real scalp is exposed. There have been some epic fails when it comes to an invisible part.  Because people may apply it too far from their real part.  Making it look unrealistic, far, and wide.  With the invisible part, some already come parted and some you have to cut down the middle before you apply.  You pre-part your hair and then apply the invisible part to each side of your real part with either glue or sewing it in.  You can get the invisible parts at the beauty supply store.  The pro of the invisible part is that it can look very realistic since your own part is exposed. You may have to be careful with the color.  If you chose a blonde invisible part and your real hair is black, since your real part is exposed you will more than likely see your black roots, which is not a good look.

The U-Part

This has the potential to look the most realistic.  If you choose a sew in or a wig with a u-part or even a v-part I have heard it called; there is “U” that is left open at the top of the head.  You can choose to put the “u” in the middle or the side for a different part.  You are usingupart your real hair to part and placing it over the wig or weave.  That gives the illusion that it looks like your real hair.

The cons: The cons are that you have to use a weave or wig that is your hair color so your real hair can blend.  You also have to use weave that is close your real hair texture for the same reason.  Since I am natural, U-part can be difficult because if I am wearing a straight style I have to flat iron my real hair every day to blend it with the fake hair.  Applying heat every day to your real hair can cause damage and stress on the hair if you are not careful.

Pros:  The pros is that it is really easy to do and blend.  Using a U-part makes your weave look realistic, if done right.

Now that you have had your crash course lesson on closures, you should be well educated to pick the right closure for the weave you want to wear.  Keeping in mind that you do not want your hair to look fake even though people may know its fake.  And will all the closure options available you can do just that.  Happy weaving!

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