When God Says Move, You Move!

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When God says move it can be hard to move.  It is within us to want to stay  in the place that are and not step into the unfamiliar. I remember when God was telling me to move for a long time I fought Him on it.  I knew I was not happy where I was, but I chose to stay anyway because I did not want to listen to God.When God Says Move, You Move!

For my experience, God was telling me to move quite literally.  I was living in Richmond, VA and I knew that God wanted me to move, but I just wouldn’t.  There were things that I did not want to give up in Richmond.  I had a house, friends, and a life.  Things were going down hill for me there so I knew that it would be difficult for me to continue to live in Richmond, but I still stayed.

When I did move from the Richmond, VA area to the DC area.  It was a move that I was trying not to make for a long time.  But in reality, in Richmond I had no family and the job opportunities were no where as near robust or high paying as the DC area. My mother lived in the Washington DC area and wanted me to move near her. But  I did not want to loose my independence.  In Richmond I had my own house and my own space,   and here my mom was talking about moving back in her.  I had not lived with my mother in 12 years!

But I sucked it up knew I had to stop being selfish and knew that I had to listen to God.  My mom had went through a divorce and was living in a 3 bedroom condo all on her own.  I am her only child, my son her only grandchild; and she was lonely.  And so I packed up and moved.

What I have come to learn after living in the DC areas for a year or two is that sometimes we have to leave the familiar behind to get ready for bigger and better things.  What was keeping me in Richmond anyway?  I did love my house, but at the end of the day I was not happy there.  I was fighting not wanting to move in with my mom and coming to a place that I thought I would not like, when in fact I like living here a lot.  I mean it is crazy over priced to live here and for no apparent reason what so ever, the traffic in insane; but aside from that I can say that it has been a better move for both me and my son.

It made me wonder, why was I fighting to stay in a place  I know I needed to move on from? And how many other people are walking around stuck in one area, not wanting to move on, for one reason of the next? Even though God is telling them to move and even though we know that God knows best.  Why can’t we just listen to God?  Why do we want to have and do things our own way?

I came to this conclusion, when God says move, you have no choice but to move. Not my move was very literal in the sense that I moved locations.  But God can be telling you to move jobs, move out of relationships, move on from your past.  And that is His way of letting you that that,  things are not going to work out unless you move.  He is calling out to you to listen to Him because he is never going to tell you to move and abandon you.  He is telling you to move for your own good.

You cannot be so complacent that you stay stuck in the same place and you are not really growing or doing anything significant.

And the better thing is that,

God will never ask you to move anywhere that He is not willing to go with you. Click To Tweet

When God Says Move, You Move!God knows exactly what you need before you even know what you need. You just have to stop fighting and trying to do things your own way; and trust God.  It may be hard because what God wants and what you want may be two different things.  But either you trust that God knows what is best for you and He has better plans for you then you have for yourself or you don’t.

This can apply to so many areas of our lives. For me it applied to me moving. I mean my life was literally unbearable in Richmond.  I really no longer had any joy living there.  But, I stay there because of pride.  Because I did not want to move back in with my mom.  Or because I had my own plans or friends that I did not want to leave behind. I did not really want to listen to God on what He wanted me to do, because it did not fit into what I wanted to do.

Then I had to think about how all of those times when I was living off of my own plan and was not willing to move on with my life, that I passed up on some wonderful opportunities. Ten years ago,  I passed a chance to go to law school under a conditional acceptance because I did not want to leave my boyfriend at the time. How many times have you made a decision based off what you thought was best and not really off of what made sense?

Fast forward, a year later I love living with my mom.  For some reason, grandparents like doing everything for their grand kids.  My mother wakes my son up every morning and makes him  breakfast while I sleep in. My mom loves to cook and she makes me lunch, breakfast, and dinner.  I make more money here and have an opportunity to a lot more things that I want.  I cannot even tell you how many trips I have planned.  So what I thought would suck, really does not suck at all.  I really just had top open up and trust God. And now I moved into my own place and what I feared the most was losing my house and my independence.  I gained it all back.  What I feared the most was not even an issue.  It was a temporary problem that did not even make any kind of difference in the end. Shortly after moving to the DC area, I got a job within a month that paid higher than what I had when I was in Richmond.  I mean really what was I so afraid of?

Are you resisting God or going with God?  And if you truly believe that God has a plan for your life, then whatever you are resisting is going to come to pass.  And you mine as well come into God’s purpose willingly, not like me kicking and screaming all the way.  Often times you need to move on from where you are at to get where you are going.  And more often that not, that means stepping our of your comfort zone to being elevated to a new level.

When God Says Move, You Move!


  1. Was there a single event or moment that gave you peace about move? I’m in a similar situation and have opportunity to move with my father but Im just unsure of what to do.

  2. This post made me smile. As God has put in my heart time to move, it has been a slow transition, but seeing everything “fall into place” with God by my side!

  3. God will never ask you to move anywhere that He is not willing to go with you…there is so much good in here, and I too have experienced the wrestling of not wanting to go where God was calling because all I could see was pain and loss. The good on the other side was more than I could have imagined! These are hard lessons, but all move us further into trusting a God who loves us with an everlasting love. Just so glad you are here:) Blessings, Crystal~

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