Why it is Important to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

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Why You Should Step Out of Your Comfort Zone.

Before we get into why you should step out of your comfort zone

Today’s Challenge is

Day 9: Learn Something New

Enroll in a class at your local library. Take ballroom dance lessons. Learn to play the piano. Take an art class or a cooking class.

Everyone should try something new and try to step out of their comfort zone.  No exceptions.  How would you ever know if you were or were not good at something if you did not try?  How would you ever know if you do or do not like something if you did not try?  The world is filled with people who decided to step out of their comfort zone and were somehow able to accomplish something amazing.

How can you ever know what you are really good at if you never put yourself out there? Click To Tweet

Let me turn this on myself.  A few years back I decided to try this whole blogging thing.  I did that for a few years realized my old site was a hot mess and then I started this site.  Which I designed all on my own by the way.  And guess what? I love this blog.  I never knew I would be someone who enjoyed writing.  And maybe I don’t.  I really just like writing about things that I like to write about.  And through me stepping out on blogging I also found I was really good at computers.  Who knew I would have such an untapped talent.  And more than anything, me blogging has lead you right here reading what I have to write about.

When I started blogging it required that I put myself out there. And putting myself out there is something that I am not use to doing.   Once you start putting things out on the internet there really is no taking it back.  But now I love blogging, I love encouraging other people, and even though it requires me to do something new, step out of my comfort zone, and to share my experiences with complete strangers over the internet; I choose to do it anyway.  And I know that it will lead my to do amazing things, it already has.

The point is that when you step out of your comfort zone you really might find out something new about yourself.  Stepping out of your comfort zone does not have to be something that requires you put your life at risk like sky diving.  It can mean facing your fears head on or having the courage to do something that you have been too afraid to do.  If you stay in a box then all you will ever know is the box.  You will never know what the outside world looks like.

You have to ask yourself “What am I afraid to do but want to do?”

And when you answer that question then that is how you will know what you need to do to step out of your comfort zone.  So many people do not want to step out because they are afraid or because they care too much about what other people think.  The answer that I have to give you is that you only live once and you cannot waste your life living by someone else’s expectation of what they think you should be doing.  (see my blog here)

When deciding to step out of your comfort zone the way I see it, you can either cast away your fears, step out and try something you always wanted to do or you can be too scared to live life and let life pass you by. Even if you step out and you hate it, so what.  At least your trying.  And having the courage to step out of your comfort zone on what thing will give the courage to do so much more.


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  1. What a great post, and a great reminder! Thanks for sharing the encouragement. I will be thinking about in which areas I need to step outside my comfort zone. It does take a lot sometime to put yourself “out there” with a blog. I know when I started blogging a few years ago, it was after the death of my husband. As I went “through the valley” following that time, and picked up the pieces again with my daughters, I felt like I had some encouragement to give to others that may be going through the same thing.

  2. I have a hard time with putting myself out there as well. I have been a lot better about it this year, and it has turned into some of my most popular post.

  3. I’ve had a blog for a LOOOONG time but I still get nervous to tell people in real life about it! Thanks for this post. Being single isn’t always easy so it’s nice to see a post focused on this life stage.

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