5 Reasons Why A Lunch Date is Better Than a Dinner Date

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5 Reasons Why A Lunch Date is Better Than a Dinner Date

Reasons Why A Lunch Date is Better Than a Dinner Date

Today is Single Woman’s Challenge Day 23.  Click here to see all the days in the month.

Today’s Challenge is.

Day 23: Lunch

Invite a friend to join you for lunch.

You can ask a friend to lunch but that is not really that spectacular.  I am sure you ask your friends to lunch all the time.  But would be pretty awesome is a lunch date.  Not asking a man for a lunch date, because I do not believe in asking men to date you.  But rather choosing a lunch date over a dinner date. Most people prefer dinner dates but I can tell you some REALLY good reasons on why having a lunch date is better.  So let’s get into it, shall we?

5 Reasons Why A Lunch Date is Better Than a Dinner Date

Deceases the likelihood that you are going to do something you will regret.5 Reasons Why A Lunch Date is Better Than a Dinner Date

When you go a dinner date especially with a guy you like.  You start to kissing, drinking, and before you know it you end up at his house, ready to spend the night, and possible sleep with him too soon. Which is one of the mistakes I listed on my blog post “mistakes you could be making on the first date.” After dinner it is really easy for the guy to invite you to an evening of Netflix and Chill, and then the next then you know you are chilling in his bed.  Naked, and regretful.  Lunch dates prevent all of that.  While you may have one cocktail you are less likely to get drunk in the middle of the day. You are also less likely to go back to his house and get trapped into having sex with him too soon.

Gives you an excuse to leave.

I know I am not the only one that has experienced this, but when you go on a dinner date sometimes it can go on and go and you have a hard time ending it.  It may be a situation where you are not feeling the guy or you may be tired.  Either way you want the date to end and he keeps dragging it out, late into the evening and you cannot figure out a polite way to leave.  Or it may be that you really do not like him at all and never want to see him again and you want to leave. Either way, with lunch dates, it is easier to leave.  You can just tell him you have errands because it is still in the middle of the day. It is harder, when on a dinner date at 9pm to tell a man you have other obligations or something else to do.  Most people do not run errands at 10pm at night.


It is a lot easier to find time to go for a lunch date over a dinner date.  You can go during your lunch break at work, if you are a single mom; you can go while the kids are at school without worrying about a baby sitter.  If you work in a city like me, going on a lunch date does not require much effort.  It literally takes you 2 minutes to walk to a restaurant and you do not have to worry about gas or traffic.

No pressure

If this is a first date or a blind date and you are not sure that you will be able to be around the guy for more than five minutes.  A lunch date or even coffee date is perfect.  There is no pressure to get dressed up for the evening or stay out all night.  You can just meet the guy see if you like him and if you don’t then you leave because lunch dates are so much shorter than dinner ones.

Less Crowded.

When you go on dinner date to popular places then sometimes you can be left waiting for a while before you get seated.  With lunch dates it is not like that.  It is usually way less crowded, which means less time to get your food, AND often times they have a lunch menu with more affordable options.

5 Reasons Why A Lunch Date is Better Than a Dinner Date

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  1. I agree completely especially for a first date or blind date where you don’t know the person well enough to be sure how things may go.

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