Single Woman’s Challenge Day 23: Why A Lunch Date is Better Than a Dinner Date

Today is Single Woman’s Challenge Day 23.  Click here to see all the days in the month.

Today’s Challenge is.

Day 23: Lunch

Invite a friend to join you for lunch.

You can ask a friend to lunch but that is not really that spectacular.  What is even more awesome is asking a man to lunch.  Or better yet letting a man ask you to lunch.  I do not believe in asking a man out.  Even though dinner dates are fun, lunch dates can be more fun. So here are benefits of having a lunch date over a dinner date.

Deceases the likelihood that you are going to do something you will regret.

When you go a dinner date especially with a guy you like.  You start to kissing, drinking, and before you know it you end up at his house about to make a grave mistake.  And if it is a guy you don’t like then he may try to get you drunk and back to his house, and you may make a grave mistake.  Lunch dates prevent all of that.  While you may have one cocktail you are less likely to get drunk in the middle of the day.

Gives you an excuse to leave.

I know I am not the only one that has experienced this, but when you go on a dinner date sometimes it can go on and go and you have a hard time ending it.  It may be a situations where you are not feeling the guy or you may be tired.  Either way you want the date to end and he keeps dragging it out, late into the evening.  With lunch dates, it is easier to tell people that you have errands you have to run and that way you can leave.


It is a lot easier to find time to go for a lunch date over a dinner date.  You can go during your lunch break at work, if you are a single mom; you can go while the kids are at school without worrying about a baby sitter.  If you work in a city like me, going on a lunch date does not require much effort.  It literally takes you 2 minutes to walk to a restaurant and you do not have to worry about gas or traffic.

No pressure

If this is a first date or a blind date and you are not sure that you will be able to be around the guy for more than five minutes.  A lunch date or even coffee date is perfect.  There is no pressure to get dressed up for the evening or stay out all night.  You can just meet the guy see if you like him and if you don’t then you leave because lunch dates are so much shorter than dinner ones.

Less Crowded.

When you go on dinner date to popular places then sometimes you can be left waiting for a while before you get seated.  With lunch dates it is not like that.  It is usually way less crowded, which means less time to get your good, AND often times they have a lunch menu with more affordable options.


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3 Comments on Single Woman’s Challenge Day 23: Why A Lunch Date is Better Than a Dinner Date

  1. This is GREAT! I love it. I love lunch dates. I’m also more relaxed because I don’t feel pressure.
    The Fashionista’s Diary

  2. Wow fabulous challenge! And I love this post. Lunch dates or coffee dates are so much easier than a full on dinner date.

  3. I agree completely especially for a first date or blind date where you don’t know the person well enough to be sure how things may go.

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