6 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas.

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6 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas.

6 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas.Random Acts of Kindness Ideas.

Today is the Christian Single Woman’s Challenge Day 12.  If you want to see all the days, then click here for the original blog by the Barn princess.

Today’s Challenge is

Day 12: Be Neighborly

Introduce yourself to your neighbors. Make a list of them so you can call them by name when you see them. Ask about their families and their jobs. Bake a cake or cookies and give it to a neighbor. Host a block party. Offer to help an elderly neighbor mow their lawn or shovel snow depending on the time of year.

Being neighborly can consist of so many things.  In the times in which we live we can live near someone or walk past someone every day and not even know their name it can be hard to define a neighbor.  If you were looking at it from a Christian prospective your neighbor is any living person on the Earth.  So as long as you can bump into a person, any person, you have the opportunity to bless them.

Random acts of kindness can go a long way.  That is why I am giving you a few random acts of kindness ideas so that you can spread the love.

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So you can never be too nice and being nice to someone never hurt anyone.

Here are a Few Random Acts of Kindness Ideas

  1. Give money to the homeless.

This sounds really cliché, but no matter where you live there is a homeless person some where out there near you.  I remember when I lived in Richmond and I would go downtown and get $20 in all ones and give a dollar to every homeless person that asked for money.  I am sure my dollar was not life changing but they did seem grateful none the less.

  1. Community Service

When I was in high school and went through my first year of college, they made it mandatory for you to do comm6 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas.unity service AND then write a paper on what you learned.  I can recall volunteering in a homeless shelter or mentoring.  I am not suggesting that you write a whole paper about what you learn when you do community service.  But it would be cool to keep a journal about every experience and go back and read it when you need some perspective on life. When you do community service it puts things in perspective.  No matter how bad you think you got it, there is always someone out there that has it worse.

  1. Talk to someone you do not like.

That’s right, I said it.  If there is someone you do not like or they do not like you go out of your way to be nice to them.  I have done this before and I will admit that sometimes nothing will change between you two no matter how kind you are to them.  At least you can say that it is their problem and not yours. But if things do change, then who knows you may have found a new friend.  This has also happened to be, I went out of my way to be nice to someone that I did not get along with in the workplace and then turned great between us. We didn’t go hang out on the weekends, but at least we were civil and the work environment was less hostile.

  1. Do something for your co-workers.

It does not have to be anything fancy.  It can just mean bringing in some cookies and putting them in the break room for other people to eat.  Placing goodie bags or something on people’s desk.  It is just a way to be nice. Most people do not enjoy being at work, but if you can make their day just a little bit more pleasant then why not.

  1. Help Someone Who Needs Help

You would be shocked at how many people you pass everyday that are in need of something and you do not even know.  Or you do know and you just do not pay attention. At the bank I saw a woman struggling to get her power wheel chair up the ramp.  So many people walked past her, and I was the only one that stopped to help her push it up the ramp.  Another crazy story was in the summer when it was record breaking heat, a woman past out in the grass.  I pulled over to help her out.  It was on a busy street and it is very possible that other people passed her by.  But I was the one to pull over first and once people saw me trying to help then another car stopped to help out.  I am not trying to brag or to point out that other people don’t want to help.  But often times people are to busy or do not pay attention to the people around them that are in need.  So pay attention who needs you help.  A single mom might need a break or a baby sitter for the night.  You can chose to help her.  There is always someone if you pay attention.

  1. Encourage someone

If you ever see someone that is down and out.  They can be someone that you pass every day and they are always depressed or something.  Take a moment and encourage them and tell them something nice.  You do not have to get deeply into their business, and ask what is wrong with them.  But it takes little to no effort to tell someone they look nice today or that they are a nice person.  You may be the only person that is telling them that and they may really need to hear nice words that day.

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  1. What a beautiful post. It reminds me of the saying: Be the change you want to see in the world. If kindness could be scattered like glitter imagine the joy it would bring!

  2. This is great. We can all use little reminders to do these small gestures that make a big difference! In Portland, Oregon, everyone talks and smiles at everyone else too, and I thought it would be totally different when I lived in Boston and traveled all around NY/NJ, but I found people to be just as eager to chat in those places too. I think sometimes people just need a smile from a random stranger as a signal that it’s ok to let their guard down 😉

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