What My Child Spending $1k Taught Me About Why God Punishes Us

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If you ever wonder why God punishes us I have the perfect situation that will explain it to you.  The other week I discovered that my son spent over $1100 (in three weeks) by signing on to my Xbox account and buying games.  My son is 7 years old and very technology inclined.  While some would say he did it by accident.  I know better than that.  My son went to great lengths to cover up his lie.  After playing the games, he deleted them so I would not see them.  The two games that were still on the console he told me were free trial versions of the game when in fact there were full versions of the game that he paid for, or better yet that he paid for with the money he stole from me.  To make a long story short, after I found out about his extensive spending he NEEDED to be punished.

I came up with the worst possible punishment that I could give him and even though I HAD to punish my son, I felt really bad for him.  No “normal” parent wants to punish or hurt their child, but I HAD to so that he knows NEVER to steal and/or lie to me again.

Right after I finished punishing my son, it immediately put me into the mind frame of why God punishes us.  When we do something that God does not want us to do with no regard for the consequences or the effect it has on other people, we deserve to be punished.  Just like with my son, had I not found out my son spend $1100 it could have turn into $2000 or even more! And if I had just let the situation slide, he would probably do it over and over again and soon I would be broke!

I had to put a stop to my son by issuing a punishment that he would never forget.  There are days where I want to give in on his punishment.  But I can’t because there is a lesson to be learned. Just yesterday, he tried to give me all of the money from his piggy bank, so that he can play the Xbox.  And although it is a noble gesture I must stand firm in my punishment toward him and let him know that not everything is an easy fix.  He cannot just throw the money from his piggy bank at me and think all is well.

The love that I have for my son is unconditional.  Just as God loves us for us his unconditional, but still God punishes us. And He punishes us for our own good.  I told my son that what he was doing was stealing.  I wanted him to understand that stealing was wrong so that years and years down the link he is not going around taking people’s money because he wants to.  That is why he was punished.

God punishes us in similar ways, perhaps we get fired for lying on the job, audited for cheating on our taxes, or loose a or boyfriend for cheating on them even though we thought they would never find out.  Even though these seemed like small things that would not hurt anyone,

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So although we despite the punishment that is handed down, it is something that we need.  And even though we feel that God does not love us when God punishes us, He does.  But He knows that He must do it for our own sake, to keep us honest and so that we understand not to satisfy our flesh with the temporary rewards of the world.  God sets rules in place for a reason.  Those reasons are to keep the world from being a chaotic place and to form us into honest hardworking people, as oppose to getting what we want the malicious way.

As for my son if he ever decides to steal again then there is going to be hell to pay. And I make sure that he knows it.  If we decide to keep on the path on our own stupidity, despite the fact that God keeps punishing us, we should expect the punishment to get worse and worse. Because God is trying to tell us something.  He is trying to tell us to stop our foolishness and think about doing something in a different way and honest way.

The funny thing is, as I was spanking my son; he told me later he was praying for God to save him from his punishment.  I had to let him know, God did not save him from that punishment because it was a punishment well deserved.

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Sometimes we have to face the consequences of our actions and sometimes God does have mercy on us and does not allow our punishment to not be that harsh or save us from jail when we know that we deserve to be in jail.  But even in those times, we take those acts of mercy as a blessing that we did not get the punishment we deserved, not as an excuse to keep doing wrong.


  1. He is such a good Father. I know recently I recieved a punishment that I know came from God and somewhere in me I smiled bc i deserved it and it showed me how merciful he is and was keeping me from later troubles.

  2. The story of your son made me wince. $1100 wow! But excellent takeaway. We always have to remind ourselves that God’s heart is always good for us and it’s out of that love that he disciplines us, because not to, is not love at all. Thanks!

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