7 Spiritual Lessons from The Alchemist That I Learned

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I have heard the raves about the book the Alchemist, so when I read it at first I was slightly disappointed.  I did not get the new spiritual enlightenment that everyone else seems to get from this book. But as the days went by, slowly my mind started to meditate on the ideology of the book and I began to like it a lot. I also begain to draw on the lessons from the Alchemist, that I could apply to my own life. That we should apply to our lives.

The Alchemist if more of a spiritual book, I am a Christian and the book is a spiritual book, not really a Christian one. But for me I had to look at the book in a Christian way because the book talks about a higher power and for me that is God.   With that being said, the book took a spin into other spiritual levels that I was not familiar with, but overall I think that it really spoke to me.

Now on to the 7 Lessons from The Alchemist that I learned:

1. God gives us dreams for a reason.

The main character has this reoccurring dream.  It is pretty apparent that he must travel and go and find “treasure” at a location that is in Egypt.  Throughout the book he does not know how he is going to get to Egypt, but he followed his dream and had unexpected events and turns along the way.  And even though the path to his dream was not what he could have predicted, he still followed his dream.  The point being that no matter how impossible our dreams seem to reach, God has put them in our heart for a reason.  No matter how big the obstacles are, we can reach our dream if we are willing to follow them. It does not mean that everything is perfect or will go according to plan, but if God gave you the dream, your job is to follow and He will make provisions for you to get there.

2. Stepping Out On Faith

The dream that the character seems impossible.  He has two choices.  To try to reach his dream or to sit there in a comfortable place and do absolutely nothing.  The character may have not had a bad life doing nothing, but since he chose to step out on faith he has an even more awesome life and is rewarded beyond his imagination and he gained valuable life experience in the process.

3. All things Work for the Greater Good.7 Spiritual Lessons from The Alchemist That I Learned

Once the character decided to follow his dreams, he was robbed.  Although it seemed like he was broke this lead him working for someone, learning a new trade, language, and being able to take his skills with him along the way to pursue his dream.  Toward the end of the book, the character was beat up and his money stolen again, but it was only through almost being beat to death that the character truly learn where the treasure was.  A dream is never easy to follow and there are bumps along the way, but what was meant bad, can actually turn out to be good.

4. Never settle.

In the book the character meets two people that has a dream but they never went after them due to being fearful or allowing time to pass them by.  Meaning that they passed over a great destiny and settle for an ordinary life.  Toward the beginning of the book, the character was going to settle for being a shepherd and some girl that he really did not like but he was going to ask her to marry him anyway.  But since he decided to follow his dream, he found a woman that he loved.  One in which he felt was made just for him and he was given a new job, much more prominent than being a shepherd, in the land in which his woman lived.

5. Become Who God Wants You To Be

When the boy was chasing his dream, he met another man chasing his dream.  The man was looking for the alchemist.  The man felt that once he found him, the alchemist could teach him to turn any metal in to gold.  Needless to say the main character found the alchemist and the man never did.  Sometimes when we get tunnel vision and focus only on finding “gold,” we miss the bigger picture.  The bigger picture is not the gold, but what we can learn from the person making the gold.  Even though we want the treasure, the lessons that we learn while looking for the treasure are the most important.  And if we are too focused on material gains, then we will miss the lessons that build up our spirits.  Life wants to give us “gold” but more importantly life wants us to become a person of value.   Because in the end, the “treasure” the main character was seeking, was right back at home where he started.  God could have just told him the treasure was under his noise in Spain.  But instead he wanted to take him around the world so that he can grow and meet people who he was to have an impact on and vice versa.

6. Someone Who Loves You Will Not Hold You Back

While the boy was on a venture to finding a treasure he meant a woman that he knew he was meant to spend the rest of his life with.  But even though he loved her he also knew that he had to continue on the path to finding the treasure.  He knew that if he didn’t he would grow to resent her.  And she also knew that she had to let him go.  She did not stop him for going after his treasure.  Instead she encouraged it and told him that she would be waiting for him when he returned.  A person who loves you should never want to hold you back for their own selfish reasons.  They should always want you do to what you were meant to do.

7. Your Dream is Your Dream and sometimes you have to leave people behind.

Remember when the boy meant another man looking for the alchemist?  The boy found the alchemist and then he continued on his path.  He did not go back to the other guy and tell him where the alchemist was.  Nor did he wait for the other guy to find the alchemist before he continued on his trip.  The dream that you have is for you and for your only.  You cannot take everyone with you nor can you force someone to see what you see.  Sometimes you have to let people go and be willing to go forward on your own even if the other person is still stuck in the same place.

Those are the top 7 lessons from the Alchemist has anyone else read the book, I would love to hear what you got out of it. Click Here To Buy the Book