Stop Living Pay Check To Pay Check ~ Habits To Follow As A Single Mom

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As a single mother it can be hard not living pay check to pay check. As a single mom you can have one income as oppose to two incomes but you still have a family to raise and your kid’s need to be provided for.  Meaning that you are stuck living pay check to pay check never really getting to enjoy life.

You can check out my single mother story here, but I have always been a single mom that does not really receive any child support.  So I know a thing or two about how to stop  living a pay check.  Being a single mother does not mean that you are destined to live in poverty.

So here are a few tips that I have for the single mother to stop living pay check to pay check.

Stop Living Pay Check To Pay Check By Making More MoneyStop Living Pay Check To Pay Check, Habits To Follow As A Single Mom

Often times when single mothers are stuck living pay check to pay check it is because there pay check either not enough or barely enough to cover the expenses in their home.  So solution to this is to then make more money so that you have more money coming into your paycheck therefore giving you room to save some of your paycheck.  Listed below are just a few ways that single moms can make more money:

Get a higher paying job.

You can also check out my blog here on how to get a better job if you are underemployed. Even you if you do not have a lot of work experience the way you write your resume can make a huge difference.  You can check out my blog here on how to make your resume sound more professional with limited job experience.  But really getting job that will pay you more money is one of the most helpful ways to make more money.

Get a Side Hustle.

I am a single mother, I have a job, and I have this blog that you are seeing here.  A side hustle can come in many forms, but ideally you want your side hustle to not be something that takes away from being around your kids.  Because then you have to find someone to watch then and it can make your life harder not easier.  Some people swing a part time job that is up to you, but I suggest a work at home position or a position when you can sell stuff online that brings in money every month is ideal. Also check out my blog on how to start and make money blogging.

Donate Blood or Plasma

I mean yes I am getting real here.  As I mentioned having more money in your house to put away for rainy days gives you more money period.  So even donating blood or plasma on a regular basis and putting that money in a savings account each month instead of spending it can start allowing you to save money and stop living pay check to pay check. There are some people in America making $400 a month from donating plasma.

Ask for a raise

If you are already working at a job and you are an assets at that job then do not be afraid to ask for a raise or a promotion the only thing they can do is say no.

Stop Living Pay Check To Pay Check By Checking How You Spend Your Money

As a single mom I am very aware of my budget.  I do not need to go out and buy my son $200 pair of shoes and hundreds of dollars of back to school clothes.  Trust me I have seen this happen.  I have seen single mother spend so much money on their children that they do not have enough money to pay their rent. And then you have to ask yourself are you really living pay check to pay check or are you just not using and spending your money wisely.

Get A Budget

You need to know and understand how much money is coming into your house every month on a regular basis.  And then you need to come up with a budget every month and the things you NEED and not want and stick to that budget.  You need to learn where you can be a minimalistic if need be.

For me personally I tend to not spend a lot food.  It is not that me and my son are at home starving but I will literally swap the store brand over the name brand, saving myself a few dollars or cut down on the amount of snacks that I buy. And only buy things that I need over things that I want.

Another thing that I do and have no shame in doing is going to the thrift store.  You can find a good thrift store and get barely used stuff for very cheap.  I also get compliments on my clothes and I am not paying hundreds of dollars for a new wardrobe.

Not only must you create a budget but you must learn to stick to it and always make it your goal to come under your budget and not go over.  When it comes to your budget you need to always try to have something left over as well.  Only you can determine that that is based on your needs.  No matter if it is $10 per pay check or $25 per pay check.  Try to put something away in a savings account on a regular basis and NOT touch the saving account.  The key to save money so you never feel like you are broke.

Learn How You Are Spending Your Money

Small amounts can add up.  You may spend $10 on eating out to lunch at work every day Mon-Friday and that is $50 a week and over $200 a month.  That is money that could be saved and put away, but instead you are spending money on food for lunch.  That is money that within 5 months can be $1,000. That is money that could keep you from feeling like you are living pay check to pay check if you are putting stuff away.

Stop Living Pay Check To Pay Check, Habits To Follow As A Single MomWhen you look at your daily spending habits think to yourself if you are buying too many clothes, buying coffee every day, of if there is something that you really do not need that you are spending money on every week that is adding up at the end of the money. And stop doing it.

Stop Living Pay Check To Pay Check and get a Savings Account

Living pay check to pay check means that you are spending all of your money each month and you have nothing left over.  To stop that you need to have a saving account that you do not touch EVER and if you do touch it, it is because you have to.  There are a few ways to do a savings account the easy way.

One way is to have the money dedicated from your pay check or checking account every month and put in a savings account. That way you do not see it and you do not think about it and it is something to be done on a regular basis.

A second way is to set aside money each month to be put into a savings account.  Even if you collect change around your house or say that you are going to stop buying lunch every day and at the end of the month put that money in a saving account.  Like we talked about above, that money adds up.

Way to save.  Each bank may call this something different. But I know with Wells Fargo and some other banks, every time you swipe your debit card money goes into your savings account automatically.  Some banks round up to the nearest dollar.  Meaning that if you swipe $1.50 on your checking then .50 goes into your saving. And some banks do it by the dollar.  Meaning that every time you swipe $1 goes into your savings.  If you are a major debit card user and swipes your card 75 times during the month, then that is $75 that goes in your savings without even thinking about it.

Stop Living Pay Check To Pay Check By NOT Living Above Your Means

There are many single moms who make very good money but they are living pay check to pay check because they are house poor or because they want to keep up with the Jones.  The best thing you can do is to live within your means.  If you have a big house you can barely afford then you need to down grade.  If you are buying red bottoms on a payless budget then you need to down grade.  Having a keeping up with Jones mentality will have you broke.  You have to stay within your means and if you are living outside if your means then you have to be able to sacrifice.

Stop Living Pay Check To Pay Check By Getting Your Child Support

I am not one of those people who think you should not get child’s support from the father of your children.  If he helped make them then he needs to help provide from them, there is no reason why you should be going broke raising your children that you created with him without his help.

I personally think that this should always be done with the court, child support enforcement, or through mediation.  Not to be mean but I feel it is better to have everything documented to prevent any confusion.  And if he chooses not to pay, this will be documented as well and it prevents a your word against his word type of situation.

For those women who are afraid of getting child support because their child’s father may be mad at them.  My answer to you is who cares if he is mad or not.  You priority is being a mother and taking care of your children, and you should not feel bad about that.

These are my simple tips for single moms and ways to stop living pay check to pay check.  I would love to hear what the other single mothers out there are doing.

Stop Living Pay Check To Pay Check, Habits To Follow As A Single Mom