The Best, Easiest, & Laziest DIY Make Up Vanity On A Budget

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DIY Make Up Vanity On A Budget

Today I present to you a DIY Make up vanity on a budget. For myself I have a lot of make up and I need a lot of storage space, many vanities are small and lack the proper place to store all of your make up. Not to mention that they can get very expensive. When I sit at my vanity I want all of my make up within an arm’s reach without having to go somewhere else and go get the rest of my make up.

DIY Make Up Vanity On A Budget The Desk


This is why the first step to my DIY Make up Vanity on a Budget was to use a computer desk over a typical vanity desk.
I purchased this Homestar Desk and 4-Shelf Bookcase Set (click here to purchase).  The good thing about this desk is it has an attached book shelf that can be used for separate storage space. I was also able to assemble the desk myself and it was not too difficult.

DIY Make Up Vanity On A Budget Drawers


For creating the right storage space I used these fold-able cloth storage boxes (click here to purchase).  I bought two packs of them and they come in all shapes and sizes. To put them together all you have to do is to put the insert in. I created most of the storage drawers by utilizing the book shelf on the side of the desk and the shelves under the desk. I have a lot of make up and creating a set up like this allowed for all of my make up to be stored within an arms reach. I chose neutral colors but the drawers come in many colors as well.

DIY Make Up Vanity On A Budget Storage


For the makeup I use all the time I want for it to be easily accessible along with my brushes. Which is why I opted to get several acrylic organizers to store my make up in. Check them out below.


DIY Make Up Vanity On A Budget Mirror


For the mirror, I chose to go with a lighted vanity mirror (click here to purchase). You can chose to put a mirror on a wall behind you but for me I really like to see my makeup up close. It helps me see what I am doing. Which is why I opted for this mirror, it also has a 2x and 3x zoom mirror on the side as well. Plus opting for a smaller mirror over a larger mirror can save you some money.

To see the full video on how I put this desk together click below. (Post contains affiliate links).

The Best DIY Make Up Vanity On A Budget