How to Build Capsule Wardrobe. For Women On A Budget.

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If you are on a budget, building a capsule wardrobe can be essential.   A capsule wardrobe is essentially pieces that never go out of style and that can be worn time and time again.  Capsule wardrobe essentials include pieces that are versatile that can be mixed and matched with each other.  That way, it never looks like you are wearing the same outfit twice.  The main key to building a wardrobe and having versatility pieces is that you should be able to wear each piece multiple places.

It is better for you to be able to wear something to work and on a date; or to work and again to happy hour (click my blog here on affordable from work to happy hour dresses). An added bonus for me is if I can get clothing at an affordable cost. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am cheap.  And saving money when you are building a capsule wardrobe can allow for you to get more pieces in the future.

So Here is a Capsule Wardrobe List That Every Woman Needs. And every piece is under $30.

The first thing that you need is about three pairs of pants. One of the pants can be casual, such as jeans, but I would skip the jeans with hole in them.  The point of a capsule wardrobe is for the item to be in fashion over time.  And who knows if having holes in your jeans will still be cute five years from now.  Also, you may be able to use these jeans to a casual Friday at work.

The Essential Skinny Jeans $16.99

You also want to have two pairs of pants that are slacks. You want to make sure they are dressy so that they can be worn to work and at night just in case you want to go somewhere.  Stick to colors like black or neutral tones so that you can pretty much wear any shirt you want with them.

JM Collection Studded Pull-On Pants, Only at Macy’s $29.99

Philosophy Slant Pocket Ankle Pant $22.27

Having a capsule wardrobe does not mean that all of your stuff has to be dull and boring. Take this red pencil skirt.  Even though red is a loud color, it can go with almost any other color that you pair it with.

WORTHINGTON Worthington Suiting Pencil Skirt $17.00

Having a versatile dress is important to especially one that you can wear on a date, to work, or walking in the park. You can also put a jacket or blazer over it if you want to give it a different look.

JUST FOR WRAPS Hacci Sweater Dress $19.97

Brigitte Bailey Hartley Tie-Waist Button Up Dress $24.19

Shirts have the same concept as pants. Try to keep them neutral colored so that they can be matched with everything.  Also, like a dress you can put a cover up over it, such as a blazer or jacket, to give you a whole new look.

Mustard seed Twisted Tee $19.99

Merona Women’s Striped Boatneck Tee $12


Merona Women’s Softest Dolman Tee $6

I also recommend that you play with your jackets. Outerwear can be worn all year round and can go over anything.  A good outerwear can make an outfit look completely different.  However, if you are starting off building your capsule wardrobe, try finding outer wear that will go with most of what you have.

Michael Stars Gauzy Graphic-Print Wrap Jacket, Black $24.50

Boohoo Julia Cape With Buttons $16

For bags keep the neutral tone effect but you want different sizes. You want to have a big bag, a medium back, and a dressier bag, such as a clutch.  The last thing want to do is to go out at night have to carry a big tote bag around.

Double-Zip Top Crossbody Bag for Women $19

Faux-Leather Drawstring Bucket Bag for Women $22

ASOS Diamond Twist Lock Clutch Bag $12

For shoes, you pretty much want a flat pair of shoes and some heels. You want them to match with everything but you do not want them to be boring looking. So even though you are choosing neutral colors still let them be fashionable.

Women’s Danzey Ballet Flat -Nude Embossed Faux Leather $24.95

SO Women’s Slingback Pointed-Toe Flats $14.99

TWO LIPS 2 Lips Too Zane Pointed Toe Pumps $24.99

Any accessories you get should be timeless and should be able to be worn with anything. For example, these sun glasses.

Women’s Bp. Retro Sunglasses – Blue $12


Total cost of the Capsule Wardrobe is: $338.84

All right, so these are the capsule wardrobe essentials. You can also chose to play with what you decided to get but really just remember to get something that will still be fashionable and can match with anything.  Building a capsule wardrobe will help you save money in the end and you can add onto your wardrobe throughout the years.

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