Step By Step Guide to Finding What Career is Right For Me, Based Off Your Personality

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What Career is Right For Me? Based Off Your Personality

 Finding What Career is Right For Me, Based Off Your Personality

Have you ever wondered what career is right for me, but have trouble knowing where to start.  The first thing you need to have is self-awareness. Many people have trouble knowing what they want to do or finding a job that is right for them because they are not aware of what they are good at and their strengths.  (You can also read my blog here on what to do when your underemployed).

If you are wondering what career works best for you, I suggest that you follow this 4-step plan to help you figure it out. You can also get a FREE “What Career Works Best For Me!” Worksheet by becoming a part of Sophie-sticatation Nation and clicking on the link at the bottom.

So let us get into it.

What Career is Right For Me? Based Off Your Personality

What Career is Right For Me ~ Step 1: Take the Test

16 Personalities (click here) has an awesome personality test and it is FREE. They will give you advice on your relationship, friendship, and career choice according to your personality.  Not only will it help answer the “what career is right for me?” question.  It will also give you additional information regarding relationships and parenting, which can also be useful to you; and did I mention it is free.

What Career is Right For Me ~ Step 2: Read Your Assessment and Point out the Strengths, Needs, and Weakness

When reading your assessment you want to identify your strengths, needs, and weaknesses. This will help you know what job is best for you and what jobs will not a good for you.

For myself I scored an ENTJ (the Commander) and I show you the proper way to assess your strengths, needs, and weakness by using myself as example.

Here is some basic information about an ENTJ

Commanders believe that given enough time and resources, they can achieve any goal. This quality makes people with the Commander personality brilliant entrepreneurs, and their ability to think strategically and hold a long-term focus while executing each step of their makes them powerful business leaders. Commanders push their goals through with sheer willpower where 

Step By Step Guide to Finding What Career is Right For Me, Based Off Your Personality

others might give up.


  • Commanders as employees set out to learn new skills and to seek out new challenges and responsibilities, eager to prove that nothing is impossible with a little hard work.


  • As a colleague, Commanders are sociable and greatly enjoy sharing ideas and critiques in their frequent brainstorming sessions.


  • Commander personalities enjoy working with equals, but people must demonstrate that they are equals anyone.


  • Commanders tend to assert themselves into positions as representatives and project leads, considering their objectivity and charisma the perfect qualities for these roles.


  • Commander managers are confident, charismatic communicators, and they communicate but one vision: to get the job done as efficiently as possible, and to the highest standard of quality.

When assessing my overall strengths I would need a job that has people I am able to learn from. I would also need a more challenging job in which I feel matches my skill level.  Jobs that require speaking or using charisma would also be a good fit for me. If I decided to get a job as a supervisor I would be an effective leader (click here to see the 5 leadership styles).  I would also do well in jobs that challenge me and that require me to take on additional projects where I could shine.


  • Subordinate positions are challenging for Commanders, and it takes active management to ensure their satisfaction and Step By Step Guide to Finding What Career is Right For Me, Based Off Your Personalityengagement.
  • Commander’s view of being driven will see only condescension and arrogance.

When assessing my weaknesses working with people that I view as not being efficient in their job is a problem. I would also need to watch how I come across to other people when communicating because it may be seen as arrogance.


Opportunities for growth keep people with the Commander personality engaged and productive. (also check out my blog on why you are not getting promoted).

When assessing my needs, I would need from a job and be able to move up the career ladder in order to feel fulfilled in a job.

That was a lot now was’t it.  Now that you have seen how my assessment has gone on myself you would need to do the same thing based on your personality.

What Career is Right For Me ~ Step 3: Know What You Need To Work on

Put down aspects about your personality that can be a downfall if you do not work on them.

For myself (ENTJs) in a professional environment, Commanders will simply crush the sensitivities of those they view as inefficient, incompetent or lazy.

This is a true statement of my personality. However, in job experiences I have taught myself to learn how to communicate with people so that I do not hurt their feelings.  So I have learned the weak points in my personality and I have learned to harness it in a positive way.

Remember when I spoke about self awareness.  Knowing what you are bad at is just as important as knowing what you are good at, that what you can learn what areas of yourself will hole you back in a career and what you need to improve.

What Career is Right For Me ~Step 4: What job Fits Me

Point out the positive attributes about your personality. So that you can identify what jobs fit you. Mine include the following:

What Career is Right For Me? Based Off Your Personality


  • They are good entrepreneurs
  • They love inspiring people.
  • Many would describe executive positions and entrepreneurialism to be ideal lines of work
  • Commanders also have a thirst for knowledge

Knowing what fit well with your personality helps you understand what type of work environment you like to be in and can help harness your career.  I am a counselor.  That goes hand and hand with inspiring people doesn’t it.

What Career is Right For Me ~ Step 5: Harness that into a career

In this step you will harness everything that you know about your personality and yourself into a career.


In my everyday life, I work in the mental health field and I am a National Certified Counselor. My personality says that I love education which explains why I have 3 degrees (a bachelors, masters, and a PhD). I am also working on my own entrepreneurial efforts (which is consistent with my personality type). I can go on and on but really you get the picture on how you need to pull all this together.  When people ask me how can I do what I do and keep going.  It is simple. I have learned my strength in my personality as well as my weaknesses and I am able to use all of the things about my personality to ensure that put my effort toward something that I enjoy.

Yes I know that this was long but I wanted to show you step by step on how you can implement finding your own career using your own personality type.  I hope that my using myself as an example assisted those reading this how to implement each step and how to assess yourself so that you are able to get into a meaningful career. Feel free to click here for a free “What Career Is Best For Me” worksheet.  I would also love to hear what struggles anyone has had when trying to find a career that fits their personality.



What Career is Right For Me? Based Off Your Personality