Freetress Evlyn Wig Review In the Color SPSunrise

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Freetress Evlyn Wig Review In the Color SPSunrise

This Freetress Evlyn wig has won by heart.  So much so that I bought this wig again in two other colors. You can check out my other Freetress Evlyn wig review here. Aside from the colors that I bought, this wig comes in many colors that are unique and some that are normal just in case you do not feel like doing too much with your hair. And the best part is that this with is every affordable.  It is under $40!

The wig is a synthetic wig, but it does not give me that plastic looking feel. In fact the hair looks pretty realistic and it is heat resistant up to 400F. The color of this Freetress Evlyn wig tis SPSunrise. It is more of a burgundy feel in the back of the hair and has an orange toward the front.

Freetress Evlyn Wig Review In the Color SPSunrise

Another plus of this wig is that the roots are black which makes it easy to blend with your real hair.  It is a lace front wig and the part looks very realistic, in fact I did not need to do anything with the part.

If you would like to purchase the wig you can click here.

Also check out my review on the wig in the video below.

The hair did not do so well when I curled it, but I was able to use flexi rods on the hair.  To see how I put beach waves on this wig watch the video below.



To see all the colors in this collection check out a video done by Taste Pink below

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Freetress Evlyn Wig Review In the Color SPSunrise


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