Get This Look. Affordable Makeup and Hair Tutorial For Beginners

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Makeup Hair Tutorial

I was fortunate enough to find these awesome make up palette for only $30! I got four of them in all (click here tlightlytoatedo all of them).  The look that I am going to show you today is from the “Lightly Toasted” palette.  I am not going to lie, some of the colors in the palette start to look the same, but I still feel like it was a steal.

Each palette comes with a double sided applicator. One side is a brush and the other side is a regular eyeshadow applicator. Since this is a neutral type palette, I did prime my eye so that the shadows would show up better on me. I am brown and many of the tones are brown, so if I did not prime my eyes I felt like it would just blend in.

To get this look, I put the fourth color from the right on my crease area. It looks like an orange-brownish type shadow.  Next I applied the last color to the left to the bottom portion of my lid, which 41wPAds5BhLis a white-beige color. I then highlighted underneath my brow with the gold color, which is the sixth color from the left. To finish the look, I got the darkest color of the palette, the second color from the right and I blended it over my crease, and that is about it for the eyes.

The lipstick color that I used was a part of the Golden Rose Lipstick collection that I boughtuntitled (seen here).  The foundation that I used was Kisses BB foundation.  It is very hard to find a BB cream in my shade but this one works well and it is affordable.  BB foundation is good for foundation and it is good for your skin as well.  The glow on my check comes from Fergie Wet and Wild bronzer.

And in case you are wondering about my hair. I made this wig which you can click on this blog to see more information about that.  I decided to use flexi rods to curl the hair, which gave me this specific style that you see in the photo.  You can watch the video below to see how I achieved this hair style.

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Get This Look.  Affordable Makeup and Hair Tutorial For Beginners


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