6 Easy Prayer Walk Ideas For Christian Women

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What is a Prayer Walk and How To Do It.

6 Easy Prayer Walk Ideas For Christian Women

Today is day 14 of the Single Christian Woman’s Challenge.  Click here to see all the days. 

Today’s Challenge is

Day 14: Prayer Walk

Go on a prayer walk and pray for the people in your neighborhood.What is a Prayer Walk and How To Do It.

In case you are not aware of what a prayer walk is.  It is exactly as it sounds.  It is where you walk around and pray for people or situations as God directs you.  I do not think that a prayer walk has to be defined to just walking in your neighborhood.  It can be anything that you want it to be.  Here are some ways to go on a prayer walk.

Prayer Walk Ideas ~ Walk around and pray for trouble family or individuals.

For example, there may be someone in your neighborhood that has lost a child recently or every time you see them they are mean or depressed.  Just simply walk by their house and pray for them.  You DO NOT need to knock on the door and attempt to pour holy water on them.  Just walk by and pray, that is it.

Prayer Walk Ideas ~ Walk around your neighborhood, job, school, or community and pray for its safety. 

People are crazy now a days. You never know when someone in your community may become a victim of a massive shooting.  So pray for your community’s safety as oppose to just praying for an individual person.  You may walk around an elementary school and pray for the student’s safety. But just a general warning, do not do this during school hours or get too close to the school while kids are playing outside.  The last thing you want is for someone to call the cops thinking that you are scoping out the school because you are a kidnapper or something.  But you can do it on the weekends or after the school closes.

Prayer Walk Ideas ~ Take a walk in nature and pray for whatever comes to mind. 

You can go to a park or a natural setting and just say whatever prayers are on your mind.  Sometimes getting out in a natural setting can be very peaceful.  In fact you do not even have to walk.  You can set up a blanket, bring some food and your Bible and have a prayer “picnic.”

Prayer Walk Ideas ~ Prayer walk inside your house.

Why not? You live there.  I see nothing wrong with walking around areas of your home and asking God to bless it and keep it safe.

Prayer Walk Ideas ~ Take a prayer walk where you know people are in need.

You can take a prayer walk around in areas when you know there are homeless people, an area that has a high crime rate, or a high drug usage area.  I also believe in safety, so your prayer walk may be a prayer drive by.  You can drive by in your car and pray or can find a safe area and sit in your car and pray as well.

Prayer Walk Ideas ~ Pray for yourself.

Do not get so busy praying for other people that you forget to pray for yourself.

Prayer is always a good thing no matter how you choose to do it.  It can be as creative as you like.  Happy Prayer Walking.

In case you missed it.

What is a Prayer Walk and How To Do It.


  1. I have only recently been introduced to prayer walking and think it is such a great idea. I don’t know why I never thought about doing a prayer walk in my house. Thanks for your great suggestions. I’m your neighbor at #FaithFilledFriday. Blessings to you!

  2. I’ve heard of prayer walking in neighborhoods or even down the halls of the church right before Vacation Bible School. But I love your ideas of prayer walking in nature, a prayer picnic, and a prayer drive by! Our communities certainly do need prayer. I hope this idea will catch on and spread across the country!
    Visiting from #FaithFilledFriday

  3. I love your idea of walking around the house and praying in each room. I also love to walk and pray. It’s great for both your physical and spiritual health at the same time. I structure my prayer around a physical exercise routine of warm up, high intensity, low intensity and cool down. With the prayer, I begin by focusing on God, then I talk to him, followed by listening and I finish by asking God to be with me as I go back to my day.

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