Single Woman’s Challenge Day 13: Reach Out To An Old Friend Through Social Media

Today is The Single’s Woman’s Challenge Day 13.  If you want to see all of the days click here.

Today’s Challenge is.

Day 13: SM Friends

Reach out to someone you only know through social media and invite them to hang out with you. Lunch. Dinner. See a movie. Whatever. Just reach out and let that SM friend know that you want to be real friends too.

You must be weary with reaching out to random people on social on media and asking them to hang out with you.  You do not want to end up in the missing section portion of the news.  What I do recommend is if you are anything like me, you have a bunch of old friends on your social media pages.  You know them personally from high school, college, or where ever…..but the last time you spoke to them was 10 years ago.

So I propose an alternative.  Instead of reaching out to some strange person that you do not know and going out with them, reach out to someone on your social media that you do know and play catch up.  Most recently I reached out to a few friends from high school.  One has three kids now and the last time I talked to her was at her wedding.  It was nice to play catch up and make plans to see each other in the future.   Another friend that I reached out to is in the process of getting a divorce, it was also nice to speak to her and offer words of encouragement. The last high school friend I reached out to is doing missionary work all over the world.  These were people who were some of my closest friends in high school but I have lost touch with them over time and the only way I know what they are doing is through their status updates on Facebook.  Status updates do not tell the entire story, sometimes you need to reach and really see what is going on with people.  I can recall a few years back in the days of Myspace an old high school friend reached out to me.  A guy of course.  MySpace was actually how we got back connected! He was in the Army and we even stayed in contact through Myspace while he was in Iraq.  I received the last message I would ever receive from him while he was in Iraq.  Because he died there.  I was sad, but also grateful that I had found him again and we had been in contact with each other for a few years before he died.  So reach out to someone, you never know when you may not hear from them again.

So to complete today’s challenge you can either:

  • Reach out to an old friend on your social media page.Untitled
  • Reach out to someone that is going crazy on their social media page (we all have them) and offer them a words of encouragement.
  • If you have someone that is just your social media friend and you actively talk to them enough to know that they are not insane.  Then reach out to them and try to actually meet them in person.
  • Or just for kicks reach out to an old crush that is your social media friend.  You know the one that you liked but they were never aware of it.  You never know what may happen. But do not reach out if they are married. 

Social media is a wonderful thing, but do not let it take the place of real life connections.  For myself, as a military brat who moved around a lot, it allowed me the opportunity to keep in contact with child hood friends that I would have not known what happened to them otherwise.

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6 Comments on Single Woman’s Challenge Day 13: Reach Out To An Old Friend Through Social Media

  1. This is such a motivator. I always forget how important reaching out to friends is when you’re single and even more when you’re not single! Thanks for sharing this, Sophia!

  2. This is definitely something I need to do. Feeling a bit isolated from my old friends being sahm to a toddler.

  3. It’s always that first step to reaching out that’s the hardest. But then you remember that the person on the other end might also be thinking the same thing. Knowing that always helps me when reaching out to others. 🙂 Keep the challenges coming!

  4. What a great idea! A few people come to mind… but I have hesitations too I will have to overcome if I want to grow! Thanks!

  5. annalisanuttall // May 17, 2016 at 8:14 am // Reply

    I try to reach out to an old friend on FB recently – she responded by blocking me. lol I don’t know what I’ve done to piss her off. I think i won’t bother in future.

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