YAY! To Crochet. 4 Easy To Do Crochet Hairstyles

Out of all of the weave options I like crochet the best. To me it is more versatile. Meaning that you can use it with braids, curly hair, or straight hair AND it last for a long time. To show you the versatility and easiness of crochet here are three of my crochet videos, doing three difference types of styles.


This is one of my favorite crochets and it took less than two hours to do.  It take take about 7 packs of hair.  But you can use less if you want your hairstyle to be less full. 

You can also choose to unravel them which gives it a different look. 

This is a favorite of mine because it is “loose hair” look and not braids.  I used braiding hair for this one which can range from $1-$3 a pack.  I used two packs of the x-pressions hair, cutting the pack of hair in half.  It took about 5 hours to do. 

This crochet took the longest because it was curly synthetic hair.  It tend to get tangled very easily and even though it last a long time, synthetic hair can get frizzy pretty fast.  But I still love the look and it took about four packs to complete. 

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