How To Make A Wig For Beginners. (A Bob Wig and A Wig with Bangs)

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How To Make A Wig

How To Make A Wig (Glue Gun Method)

Do you want to know how to make a wig? When you say it, it sounds really hard but really it is not hard at all.  In fact I was able to get it done in my first try. I was one of those women who did not like to wear fake hair.  I would go into the beauty supply store, try on a wig, and look utterly ridiculous.  But since I went natural a few years ago my hair has been at a standstill.  It simply will not grow as fast as I would like.  Due to the manipulation of my hair being natural I get a lot of breakage and it is not conducive for growing my hair out.  Not to mention I would be lying if I said I did not miss certain straight styles.  I could always straighten my hair, but too much heat on natural hair will only intensify the problem that I have with damaged hair.  And so, I try wigs.

I will be honest I look at people’s wigs sometimes and wonder “what the heck is happening there?”  I really wanted the wig I had to look natural and fit me properly.  Therefore the only solution that I had was to actually make a wig myself.  I watched a couples of YouTube videos and I pretty much felt I was an expert.  I figure this is my only a way to play with different hair styles, lengths, and to be able to protect my hair from over manipulation so that it can grow.  Here are the two wigs that I mad so far.

Short Wig with Chinese Bangs Tutorial, no leave out. (Hot Glue Gun Method)

Side Part Bob, U Part Wig Tutorial with Leave Out (Glue gun method)

How To Make A Wig For Beginners.


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