How to Become Internet Famous. Tips on Becoming a Blogger and YouTuber

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How to Become Internet Famous

I once heard a quote that said the “internet is the new Gold Rush.”   If you are confused about this statement let’s start by explaining what the Gold Rush was.  It was a period in U.S history in which people were rushing to the western parts of the country mining to find gold in hopes to strike it rich.  This is not a history lesson but I wanted show that not people are wondering how to become internet famous as oppose to running out and looking for good.How to Become Internet Famous.

The wonderful thing about the internet is that everyday people have the possibility to make it rich by doing a number of things on the internet in unimaginable ways.  In this day and age we have bloggers, vloggers, YouTubers, podcasters, and Instagramers making considerable amounts of money just being themselves on the internet.  Now before you continue reading, I am going to give you tips on how to become internet famous.  I am not going to give you some get rich quick scheme and hope that you  make a viral video or encourage you to make a fool on yourself on the internet.  The reality of the situation it that many of the GREAT internet famous people that you see are able sustain their famousness by building a brand and it requires a lot of hard work.

Michelle Phan started off as a YouTuber and now she is the creator of IPSY.  To me that is the real definition of becoming internet famous.  Not just being famous, but building a brand and making yourself some money that can make your life better.

Now if you are still reading and you understand that I am not going to tell you to make a sex tap to be internet famous but actually require that you put in some effort.  Then I am going to share the real benefits of becoming internet famous.

  • You can do it from home. And do not have to go in to a 9-5 everyday
  • You no longer have to wait to be “discovered” by an agent to get yourself out there.
  • You can live in tin buck too middle of nowhere, and as long as you have the equipment you can send yourself to the masses.
  • You have the ability to work for yourself and have a say so over your career, image, and your brand. 

Well like the Gold Rush where everyone was rushing to one place to find gold to make it rich, people are running to the internet to make it rich. But like the Gold Rush striking it big on the internet is way harder than it looks. Do not think that you can just post a video and you are on your way to internet stardom.  But it is easier than the Gold Rush because the Gold Rush relied heavily on luck, with the internet anyone can make it.  Of course there are plenty of people who have been trying to hit it big on the internet for quite some time.  And truth be told that the whole making money on the internet thing may not be for them.  But there is a formula to internet success, even though it is not the 1, 2, 3 easy formula that you may want to hear. But I am hear to tell you the truth. So here is:

How to Become Internet Famous. Tips on Becoming a Blogger and YouTuber


  1. Time

Statistics for YouTube show that the longer you are a Youtuber the more subscribers you get overtime.  And do not think that just because you are on YouTube for a year then you can magically become some YouTube star.  YouTubers who really make money are constantly uploading on their channel for YEARS and gain subscribers slowly.  There are exceptions to this rule and they include viral videos or people who just gain momentum fast.  But remember that they are just “exceptions” not the rule. Most people are not going to become internet famous in a matter of months.


  1. Hard Work

Any type of internet business takes hard work.  To get noticed you must put out content on a consistent basis, learn about SEO or search engine optimizations which gets your content found, and whatever you put forward must be as professional as you can make it.  People do not like looking at sloppy website or videos.  Get the best equipment that you an afford and produce the best quality.  It is a lot easier to gain viewers, followers, and subscribers if you have a well put together presentation that looks like you put some thought and effort into it. So if you think that putting forth mediocre content is your way to fame, think again.  There is too much competition out there to be subpar.


  1. Be You

The wonderful thing about people becoming internet famous is that anyone can do it.  There are some people who are internet that people absolutely love because they are different. So always chose to be you and NEVER EVER and I repeat EVER try to imitate another blogger and or vlogger.  People will quickly notice and they will start to not like you for it.  So find out what only you can say and what only you can offer and present it to the world.  No matter how strange you are, I can promise that there are other strange people just waiting for someone like you to come out so that they can relate to.

If you don’t believe me here are just a few


How to Become Internet Famous


How to Become Internet Famous


How to Become Internet Famous

Of course you have your general beauty gurus who look like supermodels.  But there are plenty of everyday women out there that people love to watch and subscribe to.  And the reason for that is because the women are not afraid to be themselves and their weirdness works for them. So allow your weirdness to work for you.

  1. Have something to talk about.

This is both easier and harder than you think.  When trying to make a living on the internet, no one wants to hear about you talk about a whole bunch of nothing.  I am sorry they don’t.  Even if you are a vlogger, vlogging your lifestyle.  People at least want to watch an interesting lifestyle.  Not just you sitting there in your room doing nothing and watching the paint dry.  Whether it be hair, make up, inspirational, fashion, entertainment, gaming, comedy, whatever.  When you get on camera do not be boring.  Have something to talk about and say things with enthusiasm.  Even if you are doing beauty tutorials insert your personality into it, that is what viewers love.  So before you ever shoot a video or write a blog, make sure there is a point to it and you are not just rambling about nothing that no one cares about.

  1. Don’t give up.

It may take some people months to get make an income online and some even years.  But if you give up one thing is for sure you are never going to generate any income online nor will you get any kind of notoriety.  Remember be consistent, give good quality content, and be a pleasure to read, watch, or both. This way you cannot fail.

6.                                                                                                   Be Careful About Your Brand

This post would not be complete if I did not mention this.  Many woman want to be internet famous by barely having any closes on.  For some women it is easier to get internet famous this way.  And really it is.  I am not going to knock your hustle but I am going to be real with you.  Remember, whatever you create it will follow you. If you create a brand of twerking and being half naked, and in the future you want more meaningful opportunities it is going to be hard.  When you get internet famous many brands on going to want to work with you, and if the image that you present online does not fit into their brand then they won’t hire you.  True story, that YouTube de-monetizing videos (meaning you won’t make money off the videos) if they are not family friendly.

And if you are half naked all the time and get a large following doing that, then later on down the line when you want to put some clothes on, you may lose a whole lot of followers. Because people wanted to see you half naked, that is why they followed you in the first place.  Fun Fact: Do you know when Kim Kardashian posted the untouched photos of herself she lost over 20k followers in a few days.  People did not want to see the imperfect Kim.  They wanted to see the Kim that they followed, the perfectly air brushed Kim.

I hope that all of these tips helped you.   Internet fame can bring a lot of perks, but more than anything you need to understand that becoming internet famous requires work like any other job.  The difference is that you will love it and it won’t really feel like work.

How to Become Internet Famous