What To Wear To An Interview: For Women

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What To Wear To An Interview, For Women

Deciding what to wear to an interview can be tricky.  But just remember first impressions are everything.  If you do not know what to wear to an interview  and you show up wear the wrong thing, then you pretty much do not have a job. Not only will

What To Wear To An Interview, For Womenyou not get the job you are interviewing for, but if they have future jobs available in which you may be a good fit, they are going to toss out your resume.

The job will just remember you as the woman who showed up to an interview in flip flops and jeans.   Not the woman who may be a good fit for the company in the future.

Therefore, knowing how to dress professionally is important. I have seen people come to interviews with no bra on, their nipples out for all the world to see, and a skin tight skirt with a slit that is up to their lady parts.  You could be the best candidate in the world but if you do not wear the proper interview outfit, then it is not going to matter what you know.

But fear not, you have come to the right place for all of your interview preparation needs.  Because I am going to tell you what to wear to an interview.  I am a woman too and I know that business attire for women can be tricky.  You can be dress properly but if something is too tight then it can make you look inappropriate.  Lucky for you, interview outfits are not what they used to be.  You no longer have to wear a three piece suit.  Often times business casual will suffice as along as it is done properly.  And in case you are confused about what properly is, I am here to tell you.  So here are my do’s and don’ts on what to wear for a job interview.

Do’s And Don’t of What To Wear To An Interview

Do Cover up. When going on an interview there is no such thing and being too modest. Also remember to wear undergarments both panties and a bra AND make sure they are the right color.  If you wear pants or skirt that are a lighter color and you have on pink panties with polka dots coming through, then it will be the same as coming in with no pants.  People will still see your undergarments.

What To Wear To An Interview: For WomenApart of covering up is also not going sleeveless, nothing that shows the imprint of your camel toe, and when you sit we should not be able to see your vagina because of how short your skirt is.

True Story: I observed a woman coming in for an interview who was dressed like she was going to the club.  She had on no bra and it was cold, which meant you could see her nipples.  Not only did she NOT get the job, but after the interview, the interview told her to wear undergarments next time because you could see through her shirt.  Talking about embarrassing.

Do Dress Up. You want to look like you are going to a job interview. I do not care if you are going to KFC for an interview, put on some slacks and a dress shirt at least.

Don’t wear jeans or any type of clothing with hole in them. I don’t care how fashionable they are.

Do look nice. That is wear makeup. Put some lotion and some lip gloss on. No one wants to see a dry ashy person with crusty lips, come in for a job interview. You may laugh but I have seen it.  I was so distracting and I could not pay attention to a word she said.  All I could think was why didn’t she put on some chap stick.

Don’t overdo it. Leave the dark smoky eyes to the celebrities and YouTube beauty gurus. Do not walk into your interview with really bright make up or an overly contoured face. You never know who your interviewer is they may be really conservative and not like the fact that you look like Bozo the clown with your make up. And do not overdo your hair. Do not put too much color in it, dye in it an un-natural color, or have your hair sitting three feet high. I like hair as much as the next person but for an interview tone it down.

Now that you have a good indicator on what to wear for a job interview and what dressing professionally looks like.  I can actually show you better than I can tell you.  You can watch my video below to see my interview outfit and to also learn other interview preparation tips that I did.  This was a real video of me going to the interview where I did get the job, so that should show you that I know what I am talking about. You can also check out my post on other ways to prepare for an interview (click here).

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What To Wear To An Interview



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