3 Natural Hair Tutorials For Short 4b/4c Natural Hair

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Natural Hair Tutorials

3 Natural Hair Tutorials For Short Natural Hair

When I first went natural, I had a hard time finding natural hairstyles, especially short natural hair styles. That is why I came up these my own natural hair tutorials, because I had a hard time knowing what to do with my hair.    Since I have a kinkier hair texture, I am always trying to find styles for my natural hair that I like.  And even more so I want to find  protective styles to wear my hair in so that my hair can grow.   I took to experimenting on my own and here are three natural hair hairstyles that I came with that are still very easy to do. And I included videos of the natural hair tutorials so hopefully it will be easy for you to do as well.

Roll and Tuck Natural Hairstyles Tutorial on Short to Medium Natural Hair

 Quick and Easy Updo On Short To Medium Length 4b/4c Natural Hair In Under 10 minutes

Bun Mohawk Tutorial For Short/ Medium 4b/4c Natural hair

Happy Protective styling! I really hoped that these Natural Hair Tutorials gave you some inspiration. And Don’t Forget To Subscribe To My Channel On YouTube! Click Here To Do So.

Natural Hair Tutorials