10 Must Have Makeup Under $5

September 22, 2017 // 0 Comments

Makeup under $5 is not hard to find. But, I know every beauty blogger and/or vlogger tends to gravitate toward the more expensive makeup products.  But makeup products costing a small fortune is not necessary.  There is plenty of makeup under $5 options that you can use, that will still give you great results. If you are new to make up, you can also check out my affordable makeup must have blog by clicking here. Now Let’s Check Out These 10 Must Have Makeup Under $5 Must Have Makeup Under $5 ~ #1 Makeup Revolution Matte Blush $5 Everyone needs some blush in their life. I do not care what [...]

6 Affordable and Stylish Diaper Bags

September 20, 2017 // 0 Comments

There was a time where it was hard to find stylish diaper bags.  When my son was an infant my choices of diaper bags was to choose something with trains on it or something that was super childlike.  And once my son got older and was potty trained the diaper bag went out. Because how do I look walking around with a diaper bag with a lot of kiddy on it and my son like a 3 year old child. That is why stylish diaper bags come in handy.  The first positive stylish diaper bags is that they are stylish and so those tacky bags do not have to take away from your outfit, instead you can choose a bag [...]

DIY Make Up Vanity On A Budget

August 29, 2017 // 0 Comments

Today I present to you a DIY Make up vanity on a budget. For myself I have a lot of make up and I need a lot of storage space, many vanities are small and lack the proper place to store all of your make up. Not to mention that they can get very expensive. When I sit at my vanity I want all of my make up within an arm’s reach without having to go somewhere else and go get the rest of my make up. DIY Make Up Vanity On A Budget The Desk This is why the first step to my DIY Make up Vanity on a Budget was to use a computer desk over a typical vanity desk. I purchased this Homestar Desk and [...]

Blac Chyna Outfit Inspiration. Mermaid Hair

August 7, 2017 // 0 Comments

Blac Chyna Outfit Inspiration. Get the Look For Less When I saw this picture of this Blac Chyna outfit, there were two things that stood out to me. Her hair and that bag.  Since I did not want to go a splurge on thousands of dollars for a human hair multi-colored with like she has or that Chanel bag I had to get the look for less. To make up the real Blac Chyna outfit, the Chanel bag that she has is literally like 5k, now if you have money like that and want to buy that bag then click here. Now for all of us normal people with a normal budget I found this similar bag that is under $70 from [...]

Blue Green Wig Review and Transformation

July 31, 2017 // 0 Comments

I am a huge fan of colored wigs which is why I fell in love with this blue green wig.  It is formally knows as the Ocean color wig by  Mane Concept Name Bailey. Because of the OS1B/Ocean color.  The wig has 1b at the roots, which I love because it makes it easier to blend with your natural hair. And it has a mix of purple, green, and blue into the rest of the wig. Now if you are a reader of my blog or my YouTube channel then you know I love me some colored wigs and I am always on the lookout for unique color wigs, which is why I felt this blue green wig was unique. The hard part is [...]

Pink and Purple Wig Transformation From Puffy To Sleek

June 19, 2017 // 0 Comments

Okay so I could not really decide what color this wig was, so I finally decided that it was a pink and purple wig. When I saw this pink and purple wig it was not love at first sight because of the texture of the hair. It was too puffy and it just looked really out of control and all over the place. But you should never judge a book by its cover because I did fall in love with the color of this hair. I felt like I could not easily get this color anywhere else and so that is the  main reason why I decided to buy it. And once I saw the wig was heat resistant, I knew that it could be [...]

Ombre Kanekalon Jumbo Braid Tutorial

June 12, 2017 // 0 Comments

Ombre Kanekalon Jumbo Braid Tutorial A Kanekalon Jumbo Braid is one of the easiest styles that you can do with Kanekalon hair aside from the traditional box braids or other type of braids. With this Kanekalon Jumbo Braid tutorial, I decided to use ombre hair. When I saw this three tone Kanekalon hair I thought the hair color would give a unique twist on my Kanekalon Jumbo Braid. This hair color is relatively tamed because I was going to work this week and I did not want to go overboard.  But aside from this color, the site offered a lot of other ombre hair that you can make a jumbo braid [...]

1950s Women’s Fashion ~ Recreations With Modern Clothes

June 5, 2017 // 0 Comments

I love 1950s women’s fashion, in my opinion this is an era that never goes out of style; if you know how to pull it off. Finding 1950s women’s fashion through vintage shops can be expensive. So for myself it is better to improvise to get the same looks without the vintage price. 1950s Women’s Fashion ~ Affordable Recreations With Modern Clothes 1950s Women’s Fashion ~ Outfit 1: This is actually one of my favorite looks believe it or not.  I love the casualness and the laid back flow of the outfit.  I gives the flare of the casual “I am dressed like a boy but [...]

Bobbi Boss Wigs ~ Chanel ~ Bluish Purple Hair

May 30, 2017 // 0 Comments

Out of all of the Bobbi Boss wigs that I have gotten, this one is by far my favorite. Today’s wig review will focus on the Bobbi Boss Chanel wig in the color TTB1/PURGR.  On the model, this wig could look a little like a costume wig, but when I actually got it, I loved it immediately. I mean I really did and I got so many compliments on it. The wig does have three comes in it and a realistic part.  The best thing about this wig is the color of the wig.  It is so amazing; the model on this wig does not do the wig justice at all. In real life wig is not as bright as on the model.  You can [...]

Affordable Colorful Dresses and Accessories Look book

May 22, 2017 // 0 Comments

Looking for colorful dresses? Well look no further, I am the queen on colorful dresses and colors.  I am not afraid of color, and to me that is what fashion is all about. And you know that we are going to do with on on a budget.  Which is why all of the following colorful dresses are under $25 and they can be work on various occasions. Check out my Affordable Colorful Dresses and Accessories Look book  I love the boho type of look.  You can wear this outfit to the beach or even the park.  I love this dress because it is comfortable and casual, BUT when you wear it; you will still look [...]