Feeling Rejected By Everyone? Here’s How To Get Over It.

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Feeling rejected by everyone?  Well then I am glad that you have come across this post because you are in store for so no nonsense advice that is going to help you out.  If you are a reader of my blog then you can pretty much tell where this post is going to go.  If you are new to my blog then welcome, but as a fair warning know that my philosophy is about taking your power back.

I am not the type of person that will believes that you should wallow in a pity party on what is or is not happening to you based on what people are or are not doing to you. Now that we have gotten those introductions out of the way, let’s get into what to do when you are feeling rejected by everyone.  I am going to break this down into a few parts.  First I am going to tell you why you are feeling rejected by everyone and then I am going to go into how you can fix it.

Feeling Rejected By Everyone Why You Feel This Way

When you are feeling rejected by everyone there are many reasons but I am just going to name the more popular ones that I have seen.

First. You are feeling rejected by everyone because your boyfriend has just broken up with you, or you have had a combinations of bad relationships, or no one wants to marry you, or no man wants to settle down with you.  Either way, you may fit into this category because you are feeling rejected by the male species over all.

Second, you are feeling rejected by everyone because no one likes you, you have no friends, people are mean to you, they bully you, they tease you because you are different or you are weird and there is no way that you can find a way to fit in.

Third, you are rejected by your friends (AKA frenemies, see my blog here). People who pretend to be your friends but deep down their soul mission is to tear you down but they use the disguise as wanting to help you or being your friend to openly give you their rejection. They tend to think that if you think they are your friend then you are more likely to be their punching bag.1 Simple Rule To Get Over Feeling Rejected By Everyone

Forth, your family rejects you.  You are the black sheep of the family. They think you are aimless, they do not get you, they may like your sibling better, they make you feel bad about yourself, they constantly tear you down.

And Fifth, you are feeling rejected by everyone because you fit into all of the above categories.  If there is a person in your life then they are rejecting you.  Your family, friends, boyfriend or lack thereof.  Anyone and everyone is rejecting you.

Now, I want to tell you welcome to the club.  The fact of the matter is that I myself have fit into several of the above categories. But ask me if I care.  Nope I surely do not.  That is because I have learn how NOT to define myself by what others have done to me or what other people feel about me.

Feeling Rejected By Everyone and How To Get Over It

Now that you know why you are feeling rejected by everyone, what is not going to happen is that you are not going to throw yourself a pity party on why no one likes you and how life sucks.  The fact of the matter is that no one is going to feel sorry for you as much as you feel sorry for yourself (See my blog here for more on this topic). Most people are not sitting around thinking about how they rejected you and the only person that is sitting here feeling rejected is you.  And since YOU are the only one that is affected then YOU need to change something, not them.  Because they probably don’t care about how you feel, especially if they are already making you feel bad.

Feeling Rejected Because of Your Boyfriend

When you want to be with someone and they do not want to be with you, of course it can hurt.  Why don’t they see how much you love them? And how awesome you would be for them? Why can they see what a wonderful woman you are and what a great wife you would make? And why does this keep happening over and over again? Man after man rejects you leaving you feeling use and abuse. And my question to you is why do your care? Then not wanting to be with you is their lost.  You can feel bad because of a break up but get over it (see my blog here). Do not allow a bad relationship or a few bad relationships make you bitter (see my blog here).

Often times the feeling of rejection build and builds because many men have broken up with you and you feel unwanted.  But there are several issues that I want you to consider.  Are you coming off as desperate (see my blog here) which men can see right away and therefore they reject you and walk all over you because YOU allow it? Are YOU picking the wrong type of man to begin with? Often times when we are rejected in relationships, us being damaged leads us to go into more bad relationship and therefore us being a willing participant in our own rejection. Take your power back in relationship.

You can see my suggested readings that explains to women how to do it.

In the end if a man does not want you then it is there lost.  And if you have low self esteem then their reaction to you is just mirroring what you feel about yourself.  You are rejecting your own self so how can you blame them for rejecting you?

Feeling Rejected Because of Other People

Why do you care about what other people think about you?  (Click my blog here to read more). I mean really? Are these people paying your bills, do they determine your destiny, do they pay your rent, are they going to get up every day and go to work for you? NO! So why give what they think about you, so much leverage?

When you feel rejected by other people that is because you are allowing yourself to feel rejected by other people.  Do not give people more power over you then what they deserve. Someone is always going to reject you. You can be the most popular person, the nicest person, and want the best for everyone and someone is still going to have a problem with you.

1 Simple Rule To Get Over Feeling Rejected By EveryoneSo understand that rejection from other people is never going to go away. What is going to go away is how you feel about being rejected by other people, and that is something that ONLY you can control and you can determine.

Feeling rejected by Friends

If you are feeling rejected by your friends then you need to get new ones.  Some people are so thirsty for friends that they stay with these so called friends that are really not their friends at all. And because you are afraid of being friendless you allow then to treat you any kind of way.  You have the power to determine who and who you will not let in and out of your life. And YOU determine how people treat you. There are billions of people in this world, I am sure that you can let go of the friends that reject you and find some that don’t.  It really is as simple as that.

Feeling Rejected By Your Family

You can read my blog here on why I do not care about what anyone thinks.  I am more of the different one in my family.  I am the only one that is not married, I am the thicker one body wise in my family, I have been called fat, chubby, and miss piggy by my family.  And in the same token I know they love me.

When it comes to family sometimes they say things and they do not know hurts you. (Also, check out my blog on when family brings you down). And sometimes they say things knowing that it hurts you and they simple don’t care.  But I will tell you what I did.  I decided not to care. I decided to go on my own path and do whatever I wanted to do.  I am also now the most educated person in my family.  The more decisive one in my family and the one that is okay with being herself in her own situation.

That is because despite my feelings of rejection by my family, I decided that I have my own life to live and I am on my own path. And I refuse to allow what they say or anyone else has to say bring me down and ruin my own life.  Even with your family, they are your family.  You cannot change who they are, but once again I am going to say the same thing that I have been saying; you can change yourself. Who you are and how you react to them.  Let whatever negative words they have said to you motivate you (see my blog here). Shut your family up and become something great and wonderful.  That way it won’t matter how much they reject you.  One thing they cannot call you is a loser or someone that is doing bad.

You Are Feeling Rejected By Everyone

I am going to be real for you for a second.  If everyone that you come in contact with is rejecting you, then the common denominator is YOU.  It may be time for you to have some self-reflection and find out what it is about you that people want to reject and stop blaming other people for your problems (see my blog here).

Are you always negative, are you always complaining, are you always the one rejecting other people and then want to play victim when they do it to you? Is your life a hot mess and people rather move away from you then be around you?  If this is you then I have a special set of advice for you, the world owes you nothing (see my blog here).  The reason why people are rejecting you is because you are a burden to be around.  And instead of looking in the mirror and seeing yourself as the problem you want to blame everyone else when really YOU are the problem.

Just like I came down on other people for rejecting you, I am going to come down on you for being a rejection to yourself.  You cannot always point the blame outward when the blame is really inward.

If you are feeling rejected by everyone then chose to be a victor not a victim.  Do not have a pity party.  Get up, you have more power than you think. You have power of how you feel, you have power on how you let people treat you, and you have power over your life.  Use it.  If you give your power away, then that is how you get into this rejection mode with no way of getting out.  Because you have allowed other people to steal your power and use it against you.  Think about it.

1 Simple Rule To Get Over Feeling Rejected By Everyone

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