Bobbi Boss Jean Wig Review. Expectation Vs. Reality

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If you are looking into the Bobbi Boss Jean Wig, and want a full review before you dive in and buy it, I am happy to oblige.  When I saw this wig I ordered it online.  First off, I love bob wigs (also see my blog here on the best bob wigs) and that this would be a great bob wig with color.  Side bar, I have also been into bob wigs with color (see my blog here on best grey bob wigs and the Swami bob wig which is amazing).

In any case I also knew it was a chance ordering it online and not being able to try on the wig. But at this point I get so many wigs, I rarely try them on anyway even when buying them at the store. I have come to realize what looks good on me and what doesn’t.

Bobbi Boss Jean Wig Expectation (click to buy) Contains affiliate links

Like I said before I expected this wig to be a bob and layered in the back. I knew the color I would either hate or love.  This Bobbi Boss Jean Wig is also a premium wig so I thought that the quality was going to be well above the typical Bobbi Boss wigs.

Bobbi Boss Jean Wig Review. Expectation Vs. Reality

Bobbi Boss Jean What I Got

So I am not sure if I got a defective wig or what.  But my wig came out nowhere near what it looked like online. My wig was not a bob shape and there are no layers in it like in the description of the wig.

Bobbi Boss Jean Wig Review. Expectation Vs. Reality

I thought that maybe the packaging may have flatten the wig a bit and so I decided to curl it using about 350F of heat. The pro is that the wig did take heat well and it also curled well. The con was that my wig was STILL not at ALL shaped like the wig on the model. I also think that perhaps this is an isolated incident because I looked at other pictures of the wig online and their wig was more like the picture and mine was not. (See below someone else’s wig that looks better than mine. Click the picture to see her full wig review).

The overall feel of the wig is not bad, but I also feel as though the wig ages me a bit. Because of the cut and style of this wig I feel like it is not really styled at all but more of an older lady cut type wig that I have placed upon my head.  The only thing that really gives it flavor is the color.  Which did turn out amazing. The color that I got was the M703 (click to buy). So the color I do love. And for me that is the only thing that keeps me from looking to matronly in this wig.

The wig is a lace front but it is not the best lace front meaning that I would not try to wear it back on anything. There is a deep side part with a curve in it. I like the placement of the part but realistically out of the package the part does not look the best.  That can be fixed with a little plucking.

Overall, the Bobbi Boss Jean wig is a keeper.  I did not hate it enough to send it back. I do feel like the wig does better in a more professional setting as I wore this wig to work and also if you want to look more mature and serious.  So it was a change from the normal all out hair that I wear.

Bobbi Boss Jean Wig Review. Expectation Vs. Reality

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