6 Truths About Falling in Love Too Soon

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6 Truths About Falling in Love Too Soon

There are dangers of falling in love too soon. If you are a woman who falls in love too soon and wonders if you are REALLY in love, then I have some advice you may want to consider.  The fact of the matter is that many women fall into infatuation (click my blog here for more on that topic) and those type of feelings can mimic love.

There is nothing that says you have to fall in love with a man after two weeks, a month, or even after a few months. People in general tend to throw around the world love very easily which leads to them to getting their heart broken and the woman is left wondering what in the world happened.6 Truths About Falling in Love Too Soon

That is because they are suffering from falling in love to soon.  So I am going to discuss the common problems that can occur as a result of falling in love too soon AND how you can fix it.

Falling in Love Too Soon Because You are desperate.

I have a blog on desperate women that you can read here. Most women do not know that they are desperate but desperation can make you act very desperately.  When a desperate woman gets into a relationship or is even dating a man (click here to read my blog on the difference between dating and a relationship). She wants to be with someone SOOOOO bad that she just hangs on to the first man she sees.

She then falls in love with a man because she wants to MAKE the guy the one.  As a result she is not really falling in love with the actual guy. She is falling in love with the idea of the guy and being in a relationship because she does not want to be alone. (Check out my blog here on how to be single but not lonely).

Women who fall in love too soon because of being desperate tend to change the way they behave.  They do not determine if they are a good fit for a man instead they change themselves for a man because they do not want the relationship to end.

So the danger of falling in love in this way is that it is not really love at all.  The woman is bending herself pretending to be what she thinks the man wants in a relationship so that he loves her. And even if the man does love her, he doesn’t really because she is just changing her behavior because she is desperate and the way she behaves is not really who she is.

And more than anything the desperate woman may not even be in love with the man. She just wants the man and the man can be anybody and the woman would fall in love with him anyway, because she just wants to be with someone. As a result she does not really love the man for who he is, but just loves a man because he is a man and she wants to have a man.

Falling In Love Too Soon Because of Sex

I have a blog on the dangers of hooking up too soon (see my blog here). The fact of the matter is that when a woman chooses to have sex with a man there are hormones released that tells the woman to attach the man.  So really this feeling of love is not love at all, it is more like a false positive.

6 Truths About Falling in Love Too SoonSince you have shared yourself with a man, your mind and your body have tricked you into thinking that you love this man when really you are just on a high from the hormones that you are sharing.  I have a blog on why it is important to maintain celibacy which you can read it here. But more than anything, it is important to keep sex out of the equation when you are trying to determine if you love someone.  If you fall in love with someone without that sex, then that is how you know that you are really in love.  If sex is making you fall in love with the person then that is not real love. The sex is just clouding your judgement

Falling in Love Too Soon But Do You Really Know The Person

As I mentioned before some people just throw the word love around without really reflecting on if this is really love.   Some people do not even know the difference. Before you fall in love with someone you really need to determine if you KNOW this person.  By knowing I mean a deep meaningful connection. Going a few dates with someone from time to time, them being a good kisser, and you being attracted to them means NOTHING.  That does not mean love.

But what do you know about the person? Does what they have to offer go along with what you even want? How do they treat women? What are their goals? What is important to them? What is their spiritual background? What do they want out of life?

If you think that falling in love with someone off some superficial stuff is sufficient, then you are going about this love thing all wrong.

A physical attraction is what may draw you to the person but it should not be why you love a person. Click To Tweet

The reason why you love a person is because of who they are as a person or who they are on the inside.

6 Truths About Falling in Love Too SoonFalling In Love Too Soon Do You Pay Attention

Plenty of people can say plenty of things to make you fall in love with them. But just because they say it does not make it true.  People say things to make you fall for them, but more than anything you need to observe what they are doing.

If they say they respect women but they walk around punching women in the face or worse punching you in the face, then do they really respect women?  Always pay attention to what men do and not what they say because people can say anything. They can tell you anything to try to convince you of what they are saying and get your mind off of what they are actually doing. So always stay focused and be observant of their behavior and their behavior toward you.

Falling In Love Too Soon Do You Feel Love

The most important aspect of being in love is that you must feel loved in a relationship. One thing that I cannot stand is when women are stuck on a man that cheats on them, hits them, does nothing for them, and disrespects them.  That is not love. What about that relationship spells love.  The real definition of love is that one must feel love.

Read 1 Corinthians 13:4-8

Replace a man’s name is “love” in this scripture and if that man does not meet the criteria then that is not love.

When you love someone you should feel safe around them and trust them. Click To Tweet

These things go hand and hand in a loving relationship.  Not him treating you like dog and you trying to tell yourself that you are in love.  That is not love.

Falling in Love Too Soon Because You Say It Too Soon

Some women think that just because you have been dating X amount of time or he says that he loves you that you must love him. Even if you think you love him and you say it, saying that you are in love can actually trick you into being in love. Because you may say you love him in week 2 of knowing him then my month 10 he is a new person treating you like crap. But since you have said it so much you start to believe it, even when it is not true.  Your words have power (read my blog here) and if you say it so much you are convincing yourself.

And since you said it, when the real him comes out not the him he was pretending to be, you still feel like you love him when really the issue is that you told yourself that you loved him before you really even knew him.  So now that he can’t pretend anymore and has turned into his true self someone that you should not love. It is hard for you to break away because you have convinced yourself otherwise.

Falling in love too soon has it dangers. And remember what is for you is for you. Meaning that if it meant for you to fall in love then you will, there is not need to rush it or try to make it happen. Because at the end of the day

6 Truths About Falling in Love Too Soon

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