Complete and Total Shaaanxo Palette Review

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Welcome to my Shaaanxo palette review. Or the review of the remix palette. This is a Bh cosmetics palette and  I love their palettes for being both affordable and creative. (click to read my blog on the Bh cosmetics must have palettes).

A cool thing about Bh cosmetics is that they tend to partner with a lot of YouTubers. I think for the most part I have gotten all the palettes created by YouTubers, even if I do not watch them or know them. I think I just find any excuse possible to buy something new.  I also see my review on the Carli Bybel Palette


This Shaaanxo Remix Palette falls into that category.  I have never watched her but I saw her palette and said to myself why not.

So let’s get into the Shaaanxo palette review Shall We (Click here to Buy) 

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The palette is an 18 color palette and it is versatile. Meaning that the palette flips over. On one side it a more girly palette in my opinion.  It has a hot pink color and purple tones.  I feel like it is more of a day time look over a night time look due to the shades being so bright.


I also feel the colors are pretty well pigmented.  I am darker skinned and the color showed up on me just fine without me using any primer or anything.

The other side of the palette are more so neutral tones.  You could use this for a day time look but I also feel that the tones can give you a good night time look as well.  I thought I would like these tones the least because I tend to like bolder and louder colors. But I like these tones the best.  There were neutral but most of them were a little metallic or glittery which gave the neutral tone a less boring look.

Shaaanxo Palette Review The Daytime side


All of the colors have really cool names to them. I cannot say the names have any sort of cohesion to them, but they just all have random names.  I personally do not care about the names just about the color but for those who do the names are cool.

And here is the look that I got using this palette (click here to buy).

My total eye color was used, using this palette.  The rest of the make I was wearing is as follows.

Complete and Total Shaaanxo Palette Review

Foundation Liquid

Foundation Powder


Nyx Socialite

Bh Cosmetics Brushes

Shaaanxo Palette Review The Neutral Side

A Full Review Of The Bh Cosmetics Special Occasion Palette

I felt this look was more dramatic, I told you I really liked the colors.  I used this as a day time look but I also felt I could have walked out in the evening looking like this. I have no sense of appropriate make up time anyway.  I will wear a dramatic look in the day and feel nothing about it.

There is a lot of comparison between this side of the palette and the Kylie palette. There are very similar but the Kylie cosmetics is probably 5 times more money unless you get a knock off.  Click here to read my blog on knock off Kylie cosmetics.

Anyway here is the entire look that I created with this side.

Complete and Total Shaaanxo Palette Review

Foundation Liquid

Foundation Powder

NYX Club Hopper

BH Cosmetics Brushes

Complete and Total Shaaanxo Palette Review