How To Minimize Hair Loss After Pregnancy In 5 Easy Steps

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How To Minimize Hair Loss After Pregnancy In 5 Easy Steps

Hair loss after pregnancy is a common occurrence due to all of the hormonal changes that are going on in your body. So although hair loss after pregnancy is normal there are ways to minimize how much hair you loose.

I can recall that after I had my son my hair loss was so bad that I was afraid to even comb my hair. I would see blobs and blobs and hair coming out with each stroke of the comb and I thought that I was going to be bald.  Believe me I understand that hair loss after pregnancy can be a terrifying experience.

How To Minimize Hair Loss After Pregnancy In 5 Easy Steps

This is why I am going to give you some tips on keeping your hair on your head and minimizing your hair loss after pregnancy. (contains affiliate links)

Minimizing your hair loss after pregnancy tip #1 Vitamins

You want to make sure that your hair and your body are getting nutrients that it needs to thrive.  You can do this by making sure that you eat well.  But also you can take vitamins to make sure that your hair is getting all the things that it needs to stay healthy.

That is why I recommend taking vitamins that are specifically geared toward hair growth.  You can check out my suggestions for hair growth vitamins below.


Minimizing your hair loss after pregnancy tip #2 No Heat

Since your hair is already in a fragile state and it is prone to shedding the last thing you want to do is add heat to it.  Heat in itself is a damaging thing to your hair.  So I would say try not to use heat at all.

bantu knot out

There are ways that you can style your hair without using heat.  Check out my blog on how to do a bantu knot out.  This is style that will allow for you to wear a curly style with no heat. And if you must use heat then remember to also use heat protectant.  (Check out my suggestions below)

Also, make sure that you keep your heat on a lower setting to minimize the damage your hair takes from heat styling. But laying off the heat all together is ideal.

Minimizing your hair loss after pregnancy top #3 Deep Condition

Never underestimate the power of a good deep conditioner.  Deep conditioning can keep your hair in good working order especially getting deep conditioners that have protein in them.  The proper way to deep condition is to wash your hair as normal, put in the deep conditioner, and then a plastic cap.

Many deep conditioners say to keep the product in for about 15 minutes. But I feel the longer you keep the deep conditioner in your hair the better.  You should aim to keep the deep conditioner in overnight.  And you should aim to deep condition at least twice a month.

Check out my picks for deep conditioners.


Minimizing your hair loss after pregnancy tip #4 Protective Styling

If you are not familiar with protective styling, it means that you have low manipulation of the hair. Meaning that you are not styling it every day and you have the ends of your hair protected.

Here are some blogs that I have on protective styles

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Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge fan of wigs. To protective style with a wig, keep your hair braided underneath and moisturized, and simply wear a wig every day. This will keep you from over manipulating your hair and also reduce breakage. Check out some of my blogs on wigs so that you can see just how awesome they are.

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Minimizing Your Hair loss after pregnancy tip #5 Stop pulling your hair

There are many styles that women do to themselves that are bad for their hair.  After you have a baby your hair is already sensitive. So you do not want to wear tight ponytails or styles in which your hair in strained and pulled.  This will only make your hair shedding worse and make you loose more hair.  So you can choose to wear your hair down instead of styles that pull your hair and cause unneeded stress on the hair.

I know that hair loss after pregnancy can be scary and depending who you are it can be bad.  Some people will have bald patches after their pregnancy. Know that hair loss after pregnancy is going to happen, but it does not have to leave you looking crazy with no hair on your head.  Remember to take care of your hair that way once your hormones are more stable your hair still has a fighting chance.

How To Minimize Hair Loss After Pregnancy In 5 Easy Steps

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